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What Does Elearning Manual Handling Training Mean?

Author: Johnny Torrt
by Johnny Torrt
Posted: Aug 15, 2021
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If you are hearing the term "Elearning manual handling training", you might be wondering what is it all about. Let us gain an understanding of each and every concept of this term here:

What Does E-Learning Mean?

Before knowing about eLearning manual handling training, it would be a good idea to understand what does e-learning mean. E-learning is a term used for denoting a structured course. It can also be called a learning experience. This program can encompass a lot of things like interactive learning, activities, games, simulations, quizzes, videos, live or pre-recorded lecture content. Even, it can encompass performance support content. The good thing about e-learning as against online courses is that it is possible to provide both theoretical and practical education via an e-learning platform.

What Does Manual Handling Training Mean?

Now, you know what is eLearning and then comes the second part of the term eLearning manual handling training – manual handling training. Before that, you should know what does manual handling mean. It is the term used for denoting different activities that include carrying, pulling, pushing, lowering and lifting. When these tasks are not carried properly, it can lead to injuries. This is where manual handling training gets into the picture. This training will teach you how to carry out these activities without causing any injuries either to your back or even to others.

Manual handling is a concept that is present in most organizations including hospitals. When in industries, sometimes, employees will have to handle machinery, in hospitals, nurses and ward boys will have to carry patients. In this case, they should neither get back injuries for themselves or they should not harm the patients in anyways. Elearning manual handling training from a reputed institution will help them know how to carefully lift and move patients from one place to another. However, when it comes to dealing with patients, it is called patient manual handling, but when it comes to handling other things, it is just called manual handling.

How To Choose A Training Institution for eLearning Manual Handling Training?

If you wish to get eLearning manual handling training, you can choose an institution like Qualtec, where the course instructors themselves have the appropriate certification. So, you can stay confident that you get the right kind of education and training from a reputed team of trainers.

So, enrol in the right institution irrespective of whether you wish to take manual handling or patient manual handling course and you are sure to reap the benefits thereof.

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