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Types of Power Contactors and how they works?

Author: Shrinath Electric
by Shrinath Electric
Posted: Aug 28, 2021
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Srinath Electric is one of the best companies in India that deals in electric components. We sell in ACB, relays, MCB, contactors, and automation panels; also, we supply, deal, distribute, export, and import the broadest range of electronic and power items that will suit every market project. We deal in instrument panels, Starters, ACBs, MCBs Switches, Relays, Contactors, AC Drives, PC Controllers, IGBTs, SMPS, PLCs, PID Controllers, Sensors, Counters, etc. and it caters to Textile, Plastic, Chemicals, automation, etc. industries. Shrinath Electrics is a company that is certified as ISO 9001:2005, dealing with 1500 customers daily.

Power contactors are pieces of electrical equipment used to switch an electrical circuit on or off. However, the fundamental difference between the relay and contractor is that the contractor is used in applications with higher current carrying capacity. Contactors are mounted for it to be compact. Generally, these electrical devices feature multiple contacts. Contractors regulate Electric motors commonly used for controlling electric motors.

Before we discuss different types of Power Contractors, it is essential to know the components of a contractor. There are three components for a contractor: coil or Electromagnet, Enclosure, Contacts.

Coil or Electromagnet: It is the most crucial component in a contractor. When an electromagnet transfers the contacts or closes, the force is required. The enclosures protect the electromagnet.

Enclosure: Enclosures provide protection and insulation from elements touching the contractors directly. Polyester, polycarbonate, Nylon 6, thermosetting plastics, Bakelite, etc., create the sections. The open-frame contactor consists of an additional enclosure. It protects the device from hazards of explosion, lousy weather, oil, and dust.

Contacts: the most critical component of contractors, Contacts carry the power in the contactors. The different types of contractors are:

  • auxiliary contacts
  • contact springs and,
  • power contacts (all of them are unique and so are their role).

Generally, there are 3 Different Types of Contactor Devices.

  • Knife Blade Switch
  • Manual controller
  • Magnet Contactor

Knife Blade Switch

Predominantly in the 1800s, a Knife blade switch was being used. It had probably been the initial contractor that wanted to control (start or stop) electric motors. The knife switch consisted of a metal strip, which might drop onto a contact. This switch consisted of a lever for pulling the button down or pushing it up. As a result, the soft copper switches underwent corrosion, making them susceptible to moisture and dirt. The dimensions of the motors increased, which created the necessity for larger currents to work for them, which created a potential danger to work with such high current carrying switches, thus resulting in a significant safety concern. After modifications, the blade switch couldn't be fully functional due to the risks of the dangerous operation. The short lifetime of the development of the contact was not possible.

Manual Controller

Since the blade switch was a potential danger while using, engineers came up with an alternate contactor device, which offered various missing features within the blade switch. This device is also known as a manual controller. The following features in a manual controller are:

  • Safe to work
  • Non-exposed unit, which is correctly encased
  • Physically smaller size, and many more similar features.

As the name implies, double break contacts can open the circuit in two places and at an equivalent time. Thus, even in smaller spaces, it allows you to figure with more current. In addition, double break contacts separate the connection so that it forms two sets of contacts.

The switch in a manual controller isn't operated remotely but is attached to the controller physically.

The power circuit is engaged when the manual controller is activated. When activated, it carries the electricity to the load. Blade switches replaced Manual contractors, and even today, different variations of those contactors are getting used.

Magnetic Contactor

This controller is helpful in Industrial equipment and Industrial electric boards; it doesn't require human intervention; this is often one among the foremost advanced designs of a contactor (operated remotely). It eliminates the risks involved in running it manually and putting operating personnel in potential danger. The magnetic contactor requires a control current of a small amount to close or open the circuit. Shrinath's catalog consists of all types of contractors, and we are the top suppliers of Power Contactors in the state. Shrinath deals in the distributions of power contractors of reputed companies, such as:

L&T Power contractors

We offer almost all the range of products from the L&T contactor catalog. The product is of international standards, which carry CE markings and other certifications. L&T group is one of the biggest names in India when it comes to the manufacturing in electrical & automation sector.

Schneider Power Contractors

Schneider power contractors are one of the best manufacturers of contractors. The contractor is a vital device that safeguards the burning out of the motor, and it provides top-notch function with an extraordinary electric life.

Siemens Contactors

. In terms of variance and performance range, Siemens contractors are one of the best in the market. Siemens contactors are the best when it comes to selection tools and engineering that support you in digitalization.

ABB Contactors

We deal with ABB contractors when it comes to manufacturing, and they manufacture comprehensive products. The contactors manufactured are for extreme and straightforward applications, both and products with specific purposes. ABB technology aims to change the use to allow usage internationally and for multiple network conditions.

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