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Which apps and online games do hardware identification bans these days and are they legal?

Author: Khushi Saxena
by Khushi Saxena
Posted: Sep 04, 2021

Bans are something a lot of game companies are focusing on because the people who use hacks in the game are just ruining other people’s experience and not everyone can afford to buy hacks because they are expensive. Hacking is something every company is focusing on because they don’t want players to exploit their game. This is why they’re taking serious action and banning every player who uses hacks. Players used to make another account to play again but the game companies are also banning their IPs from the game as well. So, it won’t matter if you play on a new account, you won’t be able to log in. This is something CSGO should do because, in almost every game, you’ll find a hacker that will ruin your game and take your ranked points. This isn’t fair and this is why people have switched from CSGO to Valorant. Valorant has been IP banning every hacker so they don’t use their hacks on the game.

However, lavicheats hwid spoofer allows people to play with a different IP and never get banned. People have been using this a lot. This thing gives you a new IP once you install it and even if you use hacks and get banned, you’ll still be able to play due to the continuous changing of your IP. It gives your computer hardware a new identity to play with. You can use the spoofer beforehand to avoid getting banned in the future. However, there are some games in which hwid spoofer won’t work and you’ll get banned. But, lavicheats hwid spoofer has been tested on many games and it seems to be good. Almost every professional hacker uses this kind of stuff so they don’t get banned. And this is exactly why hackers aren’t reducing in some games. Because of hwid spoofer, the game’s anti-cheat fails to detect the hacks and can easily bypass any anti-cheats. As long as you’re using hwid spoofer, you don’t have to worry about your account getting banned.

Is banning and hacking legal?

There have been many cases where the hacker gets sued by the game company so, technically it is not illegal or anything to hack in games and use aimbots. But, if you won’t get caught using a hwid spoofer, you won’t have to worry about getting sued or anything. However, this isn’t the case all the time because a big game company won’t have the time to sue you so, this is why they have started banning hackers now. But, hackers have found a way to not get banned which is why it’s getting difficult for the game devs to get rid of these hackers and make other people’s gaming experience better.

Banning is also legal because the game company is just trying to protect their player base which is okay. They are trying to make their game a better experience for other players. If you think banning is illegal, then you’re wrong because they’re trying to clean their game from dangerous hackers who can even hack into their game files. This has happened many times where hackers got into their game files and leaked some things from the future updates. This still happens and companies are still trying to enhance their firewall so no hacker can hack into it. Thus, hacking is considered legal but only in games but, banning from companies is also legal.

Which games are compatible with hwid spoofer?

Lavicheats hwid spoofer is compatible with a lot of games. And they aren’t only saying this because they made it. The spoofer has been tested on many games and it seems to be working just fine. Games like Apex Legends, Rust, Fortnite, Dead by Daylight, Escape from tarkov, Pubg, Rainbow Six Seige, Valorant, Call Of Duty Warzone, Dayz, Arma 3, and many more. All these games have been tested and it resulted in no bans.

If you buy this hack from lavicheats, you won’t have to reinstall windows or anything and all CPU brands are supported as well. And the most amazing part is that it’s very easy to install. Even battle eye won’t be able to catch you hacking because hwid spoofer is just something next level. It has defeated anti-cheat and many other anti-cheat software. hwid spoofer also comes without any dangerous viruses so, your computer will be safe from any harmful viruses. So, if you’re looking for ways to not get banned, you can buy this anti-cheat from Lavicheats and enjoy your hacking experience without any interference.

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