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Top Strategies for Executing Order Fulfillment

Author: Justinn Morales
by Justinn Morales
Posted: Sep 10, 2021

If you have ordered something online and suffered a bad delivery experience, then you may not agree be to buy from the same seller again. According to research, almost forty percent of customers in the United States feel the same. They never wish to buy from a retailer after a negative delivery experience.

Only an ideal order fulfillment strategy can help you to gain a positive outcome from your e-commerce brand. Order fulfillment covers all aspects, right from the sale of a product to its delivery to the customer. Successful order fulfillment can also be achieved through third-party order fulfillment companies in California. These companies offer services including taking the necessary steps to support the e-commerce store such as receiving the order, processing it, packing and picking the order, and finally shipping it to their destined customer address.

A good order fulfillment strategy is the lifeline for any e-commerce business in this competitive world. It helps to build customer loyalty.

How do order fulfillment companies chalk out a perfect fulfillment strategy for your business?

Indeed, using the same strategy for all businesses may not work or deliver good results. Certain factors need to be considered when offering order fulfillment services for your online shop.

Let us explore some important factors:

  1. Business size – The total number of items you sell and your regular monthly order volume can help to determine the fulfillment solution for your e-commerce business. If you are new to the market, the strategy adopted needs to be revised accordingly. Large order volumes need to be managed by professionals. Most businesses prefer outsourcing the work rather than trying to handle it themselves.
  2. Order volume – There are small businesses that have in-house staff to manage the small volume of order, but when the business picks up, their old fulfillment strategies may not work well. So, they need to upgrade their fulfillment plan that can scale along with their growing businesses.
  3. Latest technology and supportive sales channels - If you are a seller with a physical marketplace as well as an online store, your fulfillment strategy should be designed to complement both. You should be able to incorporate with the latest technology to support your offline and online sales channels. Reputed California warehousing and fulfillment companies provide advanced technology order fulfillment software to manage all your processes smoothly and efficiently. The technology must benefit your fulfillment process without complicating it. When an online order is received by the sales channel, it is automatically given to the fulfillment operations section for timely delivery.

The location also plays a key role. A fulfillment strategy should know your shipping to and from locations. Customers who are buying from e-commerce sources want quick delivery at low prices. As many as 25 percent of customers in the United States, have said to cancel an order for slow delivery.

Selecting a top-rated fulfillment service in California with proper inventory management software plays a crucial role in boosting your business sales and growth. You may also come across on freight companies in California that offer order fulfillment services along with moving freight or cargo (domestic or international) from one place to another place.

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Author: Justinn Morales

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