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What are the Different Types of therapies for Mental Health?

Author: Bradley Cameron
by Bradley Cameron
Posted: Sep 17, 2021

Mental therapy was once a sensitive and rare topic people used to avoid. Today, almost every educated person worries about their children or parents' mental health. Social media rose campaigns in the name of mental health and curing depression. Psychologists and therapists have become active in their field, finding methods traditional and new to cure anxieties, traumas, depressions, severe syndromes and phobias. Here are the top listed therapies psychologists opt for their patients.

Existential Therapy

A type of psychotherapy treatment dealing with the person's inner conflicts and anxieties as to who they are. It deals with a specific phobia that is between the terms of death and meaninglessness. People keep many fears inside their head that stops them from fully living their life. When patients hide their phobias and fears, they worsen with time. Existential therapy makes the patient face his problems and recognizes what aspects of life are free to choose and adapt. The therapy helps the patient face their anxieties and confront the issues of life. The therapy develops self-examination within, which assists patients to understand themselves better.

Counselling and Talking Therapy

Anything can resolve when two people talk it out. Counselling is the number one rehabilitation step therapists use to cure drug victims and addicts to stabilize their condition. Disorders such as depression and loss of appetite due to changing life events, breakdowns, and complicated emotions due to some loss work way better through talking therapy. Some people drain themselves from low self-esteem and anger issues, which interfere with their lives for a long time. Therapists use counselling tactics to help them with such problems.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

They are also known as CBT, is becoming the most beneficial therapy due to the ultimate cure for mood disorders and anxiety issues. CBT is related to the fact how feelings and actions link together. The therapy deals with people that have frequent panic attacks and phobias that confine the mind. People suffering OCDs and PTSD opt for behavioural therapy to stop obsessions and post-traumatic stresses, respectively. CBT is also the treatment of some eating disorders.

Family Therapy

Considering family as a whole but focusing on every member of the group separately is family therapy. A serious mental health illness that runs in the family needs treatment that helps them develop and explore relationships with each other to understand the emotions of grief, anger and conflict. Family therapy assists in many circumstances of their life, firstly developing understandings, clearing and sorting out views, developing better and stronger communication, strengthening the bond between family members. All mentally sick people living in a single household can also disturb people living around them and cause domestic violence. Hence, family therapy can be beneficial for listing out areas, which need improvement.

Art Therapy

Psychologists have found the most creative ways to help their patients depict their problems, fears and phobias and express them on paper. Art therapy is a creative procedure of thinking into different aspects of the picture they make and expressing their emotions, feelings and life issues by painting or colouring. Many patients who fall prey to depression and aggression need art therapy to divert the mind and cool off. People with emotional and behavioural problems or physical illness that keeps them from living their fullest need art therapy, as it is a safe space to open up and process the long lost feelings. Therapists can also involve musical instruments and drama scripts in their therapy techniques to help fight off the negativity of the patient's minds and divert them.

It was all about mental health therapies.
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