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Top Reasons to Choose a Professional Wedding DJ

Author: Dj Zeke Entertainment
by Dj Zeke Entertainment
Posted: Sep 17, 2021

You did it! You’re committed to the love of your life and have started the preparation process for your wedding.

1. 1) Experts Preparation:

You are probably deep in the preparation steps of your wedding and see how much work it takes…it’s a part-time job! An expert wedding DJ will walk you through the process and make sure you aren’t missing any important details like song selections when songs get played and for how long, what songs NOT to play, who is giving speeches, MC announcements, and so on. An experienced wedding DJ will act as a background coordinator, working with the venue and day-of-coordinator, making sure your timeline stays on time. Here at Boutique DJs, we have a full-time event manager who will supply you with planning forms, set you up with DJ meetings (phone, in-person, or video chat), and send you important reminders for all your to-do items.

2. 2) Choosing The Right Music

There are millions of songs in this world and choosing the right songs for your wedding is a large task! There is an average of 20-25 songs an hour that gets played during the dance portion of your reception and to keep everyone happy and excited, they all have to be a hit. Most marriages have a wide range of ages and it can be hard to please everyone at the same time since each period has its favorite dance tunes. An expert wedding DJ can take your requests and weave them into crowd-pleasing favorites that bridge your group together so that everyone stays on the party floor all night. We only use top industry DJs at Boutique, many of who have made a name for themselves playing at bars, nightclubs, and festivals, and can beat match songs together to create a seamless transition from one song to the next for most dancing fun.

3. Equipment

There is nothing worse than moving to a wedding where the wireless microphone keeps cutting out, the speakers sound like they are blown, or your guests in the back of the place can’t hear a thing because the sound system is weak. An expert wedding DJ will arrive early at your venue and set up the best gear in the best location for optimal sound. We only use top-of-the-line sound devices, brands like Pioneer, Sennheiser, Shure, and QSC, to make sure it creates the perfect audio atmosphere for your guests.


Surely, you could have a family friend set up some speakers and play some songs off an mp3 player, but there is no substitute for a real DJ. Pro DJs can read a place and play the right song, at the right time. They can keep the night moving along, making necessary announcements to let people know what is happening and when and also organize guests for speeches, wedding entrances, and regular formalities. Marriages can be an occasion where people drink, party, and get loose, and it’s good to have someone who is all business and not participating in the festivities.

5. DJ Skills :There are 2 kinds of wedding DJs in this world. I’m sure you’ve seen the first type…the "Cheesy" traditional wedding DJ that talks heavily on the microphone and continually creates crowd interaction by announcing songs, playing games, talking to guests, cracking jokes, and regularly over-using the mic to help move the night along. The other type of wedding DJ is a contemporary-styled DJ that is more reserved on the microphone, making announcements only when necessary, playing a seamless mix of classic and current hits, and tends to blend into the background of the wedding and not be a focal point. Here at Boutique DJs, we pride ourselves on being the latter type of DJ. Our DJs have years of experience not only playing private events but also playing in public venues where it is frowned upon to be a "Cheesy" DJ. They are used to mixing songs professionally on turntables and CDJs, creating a soundtrack for listeners to focus just on the music, and not the person playing it. We let the song do the talking.

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