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Checklist to buy a new home - Property documents checklist

Author: Gary Dixon
by Gary Dixon
Posted: Sep 26, 2021

It is a settled judicial postulate that an individual never sends a better title, than what he has. As a first step, the purchaser must undertake due diligence, to discover the existence of the title with the seller, the nature of the title and its marketability and the capacity of the seller to carry a clear and commercial title, free from encumbrance. Realtors in Minnesota can help you to buy and sell your properties.

Title documents of the property: Government order for grant, continuation record, sale deed, gift deed, will, separation deed, etc., evidencing the change of title over the years, completing in the vesting of property with the agent.

Nature of title: Leasehold, freehold, or growing right.

In the case of the seller demanding development rights to the property, the development agreement and power of attorney, carry out by the owners in favour of the seller.

Verify the identity of the agent

Similar to checking the power to the property, the buyer must also ascertain the identity of the seller and any particular conditions, governing the ability of the seller to convey the property.

Conversion and land-use permissions

With developing urbanisation and merging of resources lands with urban conglomerates, conversion of property for non-agricultural usage allows important significance, since various state laws restrict the purchase of agricultural property by non-agriculturists. Secondly, the buyer must analyse the Master Plan and satisfy that the property is made by the zoning plan. Realtors in Minnesota can explain this in detail.

Construction approvals

For purchase of home or land with constructed building, the buyer must also scrutinise the building plan approved by the local municipal officials, along with support issued by the government, statutory and administrative authorities, for offering infrastructure facilities, water, sewage, electricity, environmental clearance, fire safety support, etc.

Occupancy certificate

The agent must get the title certificate from the competent authority, before conveying the property. Utilization of the property, without obtaining occupancy, shows the buyer to penalty under the appropriate building bye-laws, besides the risk of destruction of the property.

Status of tax payment

Non-payment of property taxes establish a cost on the property, changing its marketability. So, the customer must check with the authorities that the seller has not defaulted on the amount of property taxes. Hire Realtors in Minnesota to know more about your property value and how to sell or buy any property.


Quests at the jurisdictional office or the standard web portal of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs will reveal data of any recorded burden on the property. By way of care, the client may also issue a public notice in newspapers, before completing the deal, calling for claims from interested third parties, if any.

Physical survey and access to the property

The buyer may try a substantial survey and establish the size and measurement of the property. In the case of land, it is desirable to recognise and demarcate the borders and access to the property and further, ascertain any other physical attributes that may prevent enjoyment of the property.

Documents required in case of loan outstanding

In case there is any mortgage lending on the property you are purchasing, it is important to perform due attention and review some documents, before approving a deal. As a possible buyer, you can request the seller to make the outstanding home loan amount or a part of it, get the real property documents from the bank and get the property listed in your name, after which you can pay the outstanding amount.

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