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New Instagram Rainbow Fonts Available 2021

Author: Simpson Sin
by Simpson Sin
Posted: Oct 01, 2021
Rainbow Text Generator:

It works by allowing you to set the number of "generations" that the text will go through, in order to get a certain color effect. This can slow down bots in channels with many users watching it, so be careful when using it in busy chatrooms!

How To Use:

Copy-paste all of this into mIRC or whatever client you use: on *:TEXT:/rainbow?kenny123joey456!:msg #chan Rainbow Text Generator by Trigonous (@mIRC) 6.6 Loaded version 6.0 CLIENT LOADED ## Section 1 - Main Configuration /set %rainingbo% volume 100 /set %rainingbo% channels 1 ## Section 2 - Change Background Colors /rainbow (?:red|orange|yellow|green|blue|indigo|violet) *!:wildcardoff*!+$rand(1,7)) #chan ***** RANDOM ****** This line of text is red. ************* ## Section 3 - Change Foreground Colors /rainbow fgblack- fgwhite- fgred- fgre!+(0,3),-(0,3),((m!rand(1,14))/4)*2-1 OVERRIDE ON @voiceover &echo ------------------ &echo *** Rainbow Text Generator by SteveBoy (@mIRC) 6.6 Loaded version 6.6 Usage:!rainbow Hello World

This is an automated Rainbow Text Generator. All the colors and styles you see here are "random". This can make for some cool-looking text, but it also makes for a very bad color-blind mode (I'm not color blind myself). It basically creates every possible color and style combination, then mixes them all up in one big list. I could optimize this further by removing duplicates and such, but that would be time-consuming. Also, I believe removing duplicates would create less interesting text; so in cases like this where I doubt anyone will use this generator in a serious conversation anyway, I'd prefer to leave it as is! That being said, I am going to be adding a few more features down the line.

I've decided not to add new features until some people have used this so I can get feedback on whether it's good as-is or if some things should change. One thing I might try is making some of the random text so you can save "the best" ones and see certain styles over and over again at a high rate instead of seeing all color/style combos equally likely.

I'm not going to go into how exactly it works because that would take too long for me to explain, but if anyone is interested in knowing just ask! If you want to see the source code it's available on this Site:

I've tried to make it easy to add new color variables (you can type in the name, hex code, or rgb) and I added some extra info that might be good to know. You can see an example below of all colors used. If you look at the source code you'll see there are multiple classes each with their own character map. I did this so you don't have to go through HTML characters and style them one by one for every possible combination, but if anyone wants me to change it so they can do that let me know!

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