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4 Things Online Casino's Don’T Want You to Know

Author: Brian Dean
by Brian Dean
Posted: Oct 05, 2021
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Online gambling is on the rise all across the globe. The pandemic has further strengthened the industry as more punters are locked inside their homes with limited entertainment options. There is only so much Netflix you can watch before you divert your attention to other entertainment sources. In India punters are gravitating towards online casinos to kill boredom albeit with the aim of making money at the same time. You can now sit in your home in India and enjoy the latest games at Jungle Raja Casino including teen patti, andar bahar and the latest version of live roulette.

While this is fantastic, you need to realise that online casinos are looking to make a profit just like any other business. In this article we will talk about five things that online casinos try to hide from you that help them take your hard earned money.

1. Blackjack (Unofficially) Offers the Best Chance of Winning

The most profitable game is blackjack. It is the one game at a casino which can be identified as involving skill. Unlike roulette where you are at the mercy of where the ball lands, in blackjack based on the hand being dealt, you can make certain decisions that will increase your chance of winning. One such decision is to study and learn card counting. Considered by many brick and mortar casinos as an illegal move, no such restriction is placed on online casinos. You can count cards to your heart’s content and will not be penalised for doing so.

Furthermore, blackjack offers the greatest chance of winnings. Some online blackjack variants have a return to player (RTP) percentage of 99.66%. However, it goes without saying that a beginner should not expect to win big just because a casino game has such a high RTP. It is important that you practice the art of card counting and participate in as many blackjack games before you have mastery over it.

2. Time Runs "Faster" When You’re Gambling

Ever wondered why you are unable to find clocks at land based casinos. As soon as you enter a land based casino in Las Vegas, you will find everything from your favourite slot machines to your favourite alcohol beverage but the time. You are unlikely to find any windows either. Brick and mortar casinos do this so that you are unable to keep track of time when you are gambling. Clocks and windows are the biggest indicator of how much time you have spent gambling so cheeky casinos simply remove these from your sight so you can gamble for as long as you can afford to.

Whie online casinos tried to adopt a similar no clock strategy at first, regulations have stepped in so that online casinos are required to provide some form of time tracking. Licensed casinos such as Casino Days will provide a clock at the corner of the screen so you are well aware of how much time you have spent at the online casino. However, despite the regulation, these clocks once again are not displayed prominently.

3. Trends in Gambling do not Exist

Let us be the first to admit that trends do not exist in online gambling. Just because you have managed to get a string of lucky numbers in a roll does not guarantee a hot streak for the rest of the day. In casino games such as roulette, the outcomes of each round are independent events. Believing that a slew of odd numbers will lead to a particular set in the next few runs is absolutely wrong. Casinos will go as far as to provide ‘hot and cold’ numbers so that you can adjust your playing pattern accordingly. However, once again this information is of no use to you and there is no way for either the casino or yourself to accurately predict the next independent event.

The only trend you need to take notice of is your losing streak. If you feel that it is not turning out to be your day then simply walk away from the table and try again another day. Do not chase your losses as that might lead to more financial ruin.

4. Betting Systems Do Not Guarantee Winning

Type the words ‘gambling or betting strategies’ into Google and you will find numerous being recommended by so called experts on how you can beat the casino. Some of the more popular strategies include Martingale, Fibonacci, and Labouchere. While these systems may appear to be useful at first, they will not guarantee wins every time. In Fact they will have no bearing on the odds to begin with and simply assist you in managing your funds better at a casino.

These are some of the points that online casinos do not want you to discover for yourself. Instead they prefer you doing as little research as possible and ploughing in as much money as possible so they can make money as a business. As always we will recommend that you only play at casinos that are safe, secure and legal and that you only bet the amount you can afford to lose.

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