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HVAC Software That Saves Energy and Improves Occupant Comfort

Author: Stephen Wright
by Stephen Wright
Posted: Oct 13, 2021
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Psychrometrics is the study of the behavior of air-water vapour mixtures under various heat conditions. When the current dry bulb, wet bulb, and elevations are entered into the psychrometric calculator, building engineers can quickly pinpoint the variable. It eliminates the time-consuming psychrometrics calculation process. A psychrometrics calculator can help you understand the relationships between various supply air and relative humidity parameters. The HVAC calculator aids in the design of the proper size of air conditioning for a room or space. If the airconditioning unit is too small for the area to be cooled, it will struggle to reach the desired temperature and will remove far more humidity than is required, resulting in higher energy costs and discomfort for the building occupants. An oversized air conditioning unit, on the other hand, will quickly cool the room but only remove a portion of the humidity, leaving the occupants with a damp and clammy feeling. It helps in determining the best size for your cooling requirements.

HVAC software allows you to understand many HVAC challenges that are certain to arise, as well as anticipate and fix problems in your design before they occur. A building engineer can obtain more accurate data and at different altitudes at sea level by using HVAC software, as well as avoid time-consuming conversions. HVAC software aids in the expansion and management of HVAC businesses.

In this section, we will provide a brief overview of some of the most popular HVAC software/psychrometrics calculators used by building services engineers in Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world.

CAMEL for air conditioning load estimation and psychrometrics

The psychrometrics calculator CAMEL by the leading building services company ACADS-BSG calculates the design heating and cooling loads and associated psychrometrics for air conditioning plants in buildings. The computer program can be used to simulate a variety of system types, such as constant volume heating and cooling, VAV with and without reheat, reverse cycle heat pumps, and evaporative coolers.

Technical details of CAMEL psychrometrics calculator:

  • The program performs an hourly cooling load analysis taking into account of thermal storage, on a design day in each month of the year.
  • It carries out a psychrometrics analysis of each AHU with the coil performance expressed as a bypass factor, leaving coil temperature or nominated air quantity including fixed bypass and dump back systems.
  • Specific monthly 3 pm design and dry and wet bulb temperatures are available in the program for over 600 locations in Australia and many offshore locations in CAMEL psychrometrics calculator.
  • Precalculated U values and surface densities for a wide range of standard wall and roof constructions are available in the computer program.
  • Comprehensive help is available on every screen and for each item of the input.
  • Each AHU can serve a number of zones with multiple rooms.
  • Graphical displays are provided for schedules, shading schemes and for each eternal wall or roof as it is entered.
  • Summary tables of CAMEL psychrometrics calculator include tables of loads and air quantities, load charts, and tables of check figures.

HYENA+ psychrometrics calculator for modern building professionals

The HVAC software can be used to analyse automatic fire sprinkler systems with a simple, side end, side, or centre-fed configuration or more complicated looped and gridded systems.

Main features of HYENA+ HVAC software are summarised below:

  • The cloud-based HYENA+ psychrometrics calculator is accessible from anywhere and any device.
  • The HVAC software can be used to carry out a fire sprinkler analysis in accordance with NFPA, NZ4541, AS2118, or SSPC52 standards.
  • All input data is via a series of easy to navigate screens with numerous helpful features including drop-down lists, selection lists, various sort options, etc. to facilitate easy data input.
  • The psychrometrics calculator uses either Hazen-Williams or Darcy-Weisbach calculation methods
  • All nodes that are not nominated as discharges or input points are automatically assigned as reference nodes by HYENA+ HVAC software as reference nodes where only elevations have be assigned.
  • When pipe sizes are entered as nominal sizes. The HVAC software determines the actual internal diameter from data stored in HYNA+ computer program.
  • The psychrometrics calculator provides you three calculation options, the required input point flow and pressure, discharge flow for the given pipe input, and booster flow and pressure.
  • The HVAC software HYENA+ can be used to determine the design point, given the K-factor and minimum discharge for each fire sprinkler head, fire hydrant, or hose reel.
  • The results of HYENA+HVAC software include a summary of the flows and pressure for all discharges and for all input points, pipe information including the total equivalent lengths, pressure drop, etc. for every pipe in the system.
Other useful psychrometrics calculators and HAAC software by the trusted building services company ACADS-BSG include DONKEY for sizing, acoustical analysis and costing of ductwork systems, DOLPHIN for sizing and pressure drop calculations of duct runs, WOMBAT for sound transmission in and around buildings, PYTHON for the design of water piping system for air conditioning, and many more.
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Acads-Bsg is a leading building service design software firm. We aim to provide building services designers with the software to design and check services.

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