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Pros & Cons of a Non-Surgical Facelift

Author: Lip Doctor
by Lip Doctor
Posted: Oct 14, 2021
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Aging is inevitable, but the constant yearns to boast the well-sculpted features, defined jawlines, smooth textured skin with the hue of that youthful glimpse is unwavering. Nothing can beat the urban technological advances that can make your dreams come true at a stroke, and that too with the no-knife cosmetic fixes. Facelift without surgery, seems unreal right?

Then Vs. Now

Face plastic surgeries have been the mainstay for decades, but the daunting thought of putting your face under the knife deems scary and extreme. So recently, people are sublimating towards more practical and safer means to get that flawless skin by opting for the non-invasive facelift procedures that won’t cost you the earth.

You can’t age back, but you can rejuvenate your skin, get rid of unwanted fine lines, saggy skin, and visible pores with the cutting-edge non-surgical facelift technologies offered at Lip Doctor in Canada. The certified hub prompts state-of-the-art approved Health Canada non-invasive facelift methods and that too without large incisions, anesthesia, and inpatient hospitalizations.

Non-surgical facelift before and after results

What are the effective facelift treatments with their potential pros and cons?

Dermal fillers

The advanced facelift treatment features injectables that instantly volumize your hollowed-out areas with the punch of moisture-rich hyaluronic acid. It is a compound that mimics the natural fat pads under the skin that gradually break down due to aging. The facelift before and after results at Lip Doctor have persuaded many people to opt for the non-painful facelifts without surgeries at cost-effective rates. At Lip Doctor, the specialists only use Health Canada Approved dermal fillers. This non-surgical facelift features:

Smoothed out wrinkles and fine lines

Redefined saggy areas while a new definition to your well-chiseled facial features

Re-volumizing cheek, temples, and under eyes.

Enhancing facial contours and jaw lines.


The facelift treatment plumps up facial features by stimulating collagen production for a more youthful semblance.

Enhances smooth facial texture

Fades fine lines and wrinkles

Adds structure to lose fats, collagen, elastin instantly

It is a quick procedure that usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour.

A minimal invasion that is not painful but can be a bit uncomfortable.

The facelift surgical cost depends on the injectable area; usually, the range starts at $500.

Neuromodulators can be used to give your facial muscles a natural punch of balance to enhance facial contours and soften fine lines without restricting your expressions.

The changes can be undone if favorable results are not attained.


This non-surgical facelift treatment is not permanent. The dermal fillers last between 3-24 months

You may experience mild to moderate side effects, including rashes, swelling, redness, itching, and bruising that may take a day or two to subside.

If your appointed specialist doesn't have witty artistic aesthetics, then you may end up looking like a potato.

Unlike face plastic surgery, the procedure may risk developing lumps under the skin due to a filler blocking blood vessels.

Thread facelift

While aging, you tend to lose fats due to the breakdown of collagen fibers, elastin resulting in drooped facial features and crepey skin texture. Unfortunately, face plastic surgeries can’t fix many of the fine lines that take away youthful skin; that is where the thread facelift comes into play. The non-invasive facelift technique boasts tight skin, fewer wrinkles, and radiant skin texture by fading out the nasty acne marks sabotaging your self-esteem.

The facelift without surgery utilizes the Health Canada Approved medical-grade temporary sutures to uplift the loose skin visibly. Unlike face plastic surgeries, the dermal specialist stitches up the portion to flaunt a tightened rejuvenated skin. Here at Lip Doctor, the specialists best address the loose skin meticulously and vigilantly by giving your skin the wowness that is worth every glance.


The low-risk, non-surgical facelift procedure exudes safety with minimal recovery time.

You don't need to take off from your busy work routine because it will only take 45 minutes to get the job done.

The average rate per thread ranges between $999- $1500

The facelift before and after pictures yield significant changes and immediate dramatic results, making you feel years younger and fresh.

The patient may encounter rashes and swelling that wears off after a day. It is seldom that patients are given strong painkillers.

There is no risk of scarring, abrasions or other complications after the procedure.

The non-invasive facelift procedure boasts natural rejuvenation flaunting a gleaming radiant skin.

The aftercare is minimal.


The facelift without surgery yields results that wear off within 2-5 years. These procedures add costs over the years because the costs for touch-ups may exceed the surgical facelift cost.

Slight discomfort and irritation when the sutures are laid.

Infections are rare as the procedures are carried out in the aseptic environment.

Asymmetrical results when you don't consult the professional dermal specialists

The healing process may hinder if proper aftercare steps are not followed post-treatment.

Bottom line

No matter what non-surgical facelift procedure you opt for and whatever look you want to achieve, Lip Doctor boasts a team of the finest qualified professionals with ample experience to give your aesthetics the natural finesse for a picture-perfect semblance.

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