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How to book round trip flights at a low cost?

Author: Leo Philips
by Leo Philips
Posted: Oct 14, 2021

What exactly does "round trip" imply? As the name implies, a round trip is travelling from one location to another and then returning to the same starting point, usually over the same route.

If you have a set itinerary, this is a better option than purchasing two separate one way tick­­ets. A round trip ticket is usually less expensive than two one way tickets.

Both domestic and international travel is possible with this method. For foreign flights, airlines provide the option of ordering a round trip ticket, which may include savings or special incentives.

To grasp how everything works, let's start with round-trip tickets:

A round trip ticket (also known as a return ticket) may appear to be made up of two one-way tickets. For example, a round trip ticket from Cape Town to Joburg and back involves two flights, one for the journey there and one for the journey back.

Aren't these two one-way tickets?

You'd be correct; local flights inside South Africa are made up of two one way tickets. We are able to mix and match multiple airlines in each route to find you a better offer because of this.

However, this regulation does not apply to foreign flights, where flight fares are normally calculated as full round trip tickets and one way tickets are calculated as 75% of a round trip rate plus a corresponding percentage of taxes.

So quitting your job to buy a one way ticket to Thailand and returning "when you feel like returning from paradise" might not be the most cost-effective option. Furthermore, immigration officials will not allow you to enter the country unless you have confirmation that you will leave within the time limit.

This is notably true for flights on specific carriers, such as KLM and Lufthansa, and especially for flights to North American locations, where many airlines do not provide one way tickets. In fact, buying a one way ticket here will cost you more than buying a round trip ticket.

Even stranger, if you merely fly to your destination and then try to get a refund on the return leg of your ticket, the airline may try to charge you the difference between a round trip and a one way ticket!

Frequently asked questions­

What are roundtrip flights and what do they entail?

A roundtrip flight is one that comprises a flight to a destination and a return flight from that location, such as flying from New York City to Paris and then returning to New York City. There may be layovers or connections along the way, but the start and endpoints remain the same. For booking round trip flights just go to

Are roundtrip flights less expensive than two one way flights when going internationally?

When flying inside the same country, the cost of a roundtrip ticket is sometimes the same as the cost of two one-way tickets. When going overseas, however, roundtrip tickets are frequently the better deal and might cost substantially less than the sum of two one-way tickets, depending on the airline.

Why international roundtrip are flights less expensive than two one way flights?

Business travellers are to blame. This type of traveller (a) isn't price-conscious, and (b) frequently has to book last-minute. They frequently have to arrange one-way flights because they don't know their plans. Leisure travellers, on the other hand, are extremely price conscious and tend to prepare ahead of time.

Airlines may earn more money from business travellers who can't book their return flights as far in advance and are ready to pay more for that flexibility by keeping one way fares more expensive. This has begun to alter to some extent as more international low cost carriers have emerged, but you're still better off buying a roundtrip.

Is it possible to purchase a roundtrip ticket for a one way trip?

You can technically buy a roundtrip ticket and only use it for a one way flight, but airlines frown on this practice. You can only avoid taking the return flight. If you miss a section of your journey, the airline may cancel the remainder of your ticket without refunding you. That is, if you buy a roundtrip ticket with the intention of using it only once, be sure the leg you intend to skip is the last leg of the journey.

Is it possible to purchase a roundtrip ticket from one city to another?

An open-jaw flight is a "roundtrip" that arrives at one airport and departs from another (for example, NYC to London, Paris to NYC) (often referred to as a multi-city itinerary in flight searches). While it is not a standard roundtrip, it is booked as a single ticket, which is usually less expensive than two one-way tickets.

On a roundtrip ticket, how long can you stay? Is it possible to purchase a roundtrip ticket with an open return date?

In most circumstances, choosing a date far enough in advance, purchasing a flexible rate or flying with an airline that doesn't charge change fees, and then just changing your trip when you find out when you're coming home is your best chance. Even though the airline charges a change fee, if you require the flexibility, it may be worthwhile to spend the extra money.

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