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Hookah Fruit Bowl - Tips On How To Make It At Home

Author: Jacob Henderson
by Jacob Henderson
Posted: Oct 17, 2021

The shisha fruit bowl is one of the most requested queries when it comes to DIY hookah. In order to make it yourself, you should be prepared and it’s important to follow some steps. The hookah fruit bowl is a fancy way to show off to your friends. You can experiment with as many fruits as you can imagine and follow the important basics. Our team from will reveal the fruit bowl packing method for you. You can avoid mistakes by following this guide. Let’s begin!

What is a hookah fruit bowl?

You probably know that hookah bowls are made out of different materials such as ceramic, clay, glass, or even silicone. The classic way to pack a bowl is to put your shisha in a traditional bowl made from the materials mentioned above.

These days people become more creative and have invented a way of packing shisha into different fruits. How cool is that? I’ve seen so many fruits used for this bowl packing method and it’s up to you which one will choose.

Which fruits are most popular?

The most commonly used fruits in fruit bowl packing are:

  • Apples

  • Pineapples

  • Oranges & grapefruits

  • Watermelons

But you can use even bananas if you are a creative person. The steps are simple and you should be consistent when you make the actual bowl.

What tools you’ll need?

In order to make the perfect fruit bowl, you will need some tools that most people have available in their kitchens. Nothing fancy!

Here’s what you need:

  • Kitchen knife

  • Toothpicks

  • Aluminum foil

  • Kitchen towel

  • Apple corer

Steps on making the bowl

In this example, we will use apple for our bowl.

  1. Get a large size apple and cut the top part. With the apple, corer make a hoke in the center and clean the seeds and discard the cut parts. The size of the hole must be the size of your stem, where the bowl is connected.

  2. Get a bunch of toothpicks and make a grid on the down side of the fruit. This will prevent the tobacco from falling down to the stem.

  3. Get your favorite shisha flavor and gently sprinkle it in the fruit bowl.

  4. Prepare a piece of aluminum foil and pack the fruit just like you packing a regular shisha bowl. You can secure the foul by fighting it with more toothpicks on the "edges"

  5. Prepare your natural coals and you are ready to have an incredible session

Bonus tips:

Alternatively, you can use a steel sponge to substitute the toothpicks on the bottom. This is will prevent the tobacco more precisely and eventually will have a better session.

If you want to use juicier fruits such as pineapple or orange it’s important to dry the inside part. Get your kitchen paper towel and gently dry the fruit. This step will prevent your tobacco from becoming too wet and bitter.

More advanced way of doing hookah fruit bowl

When it comes to fruits you already know that you can use almost any fruit. For example, if you want to make a shisha bowl out of banana, make sure you are well prepared. It’s hard to make a bowl with just a single banana. It will just fit a small amount of shisha, so a long time of maintenance during the session is required.

To make a banana fruit bowl use at least two bananas. Select a side and cut a little bit in order to stick the two bananas together. The surface doesn’t have to be perfect.

Another tip is to not peel the bananas because they will bake the fruit and eventually will fall apart. Create a nice hole in the center of the bananas and sprinkle your favorite shisha flavor.


Be prepared and take your time to read our article. The steps are easy to follow and the results will impress you and your friends. Experiment with different fruits and shisha flavors. It’s up to you to enjoy the moment and relax after a hard day at work.

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