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A review of the book ‘who moved my cheese’

Author: Tara King
by Tara King
Posted: Oct 28, 2021

This book ‘Who Moved My Cheese

  • was a bestseller back in the day and it as a good enough reason for it. This amazing book will teach you a lot. It is not a lengthy book; it is to the point in precise in terms of what the author has to say. This book was written by Spencer Johnson who is known to be an amazing businessman and after this book an amazing writer too. This book teaches you how to deal with various situations in your work life and how to succeed in your career. If you are looking to dive into business, I’d suggest this book. Just read it once and it might change your views or maybe alter them a little to be slightly more useful in your work life.

The book has used metaphors in a beautiful manner and in a very interesting way to make you understand different challenges in life and your work and how to deal with them with the right sense of mind instead of being impulsive and indecisive. When it comes to business decision, being indecisive is very common and rightly so because it is a huge decision after all. When it comes to business decisions, they can be really hard and one wrong decision might just break everything apart. This book can help you navigate through those difficult decisions not just in your business but in your regular life too.

Navigating through any personal decisions can be difficult as well and this book might help you have a smarter and clearer approach to things which can improve your decisions in your personal life. This book will teach you many things which can be used in your daily life. This is not one of those books which just tells you a story about something and there is not much to take away from it, but it is one of those which will give you a message that will stick with you for a lifetime. The way the author has put his thoughts into words is quite inspiring and educational and also refreshing to an extent because of his perspective and the way he explains his opinions and the metaphors is just brilliant.

The story revolves around two mice and two tiny humans and disappearance of cheese. It sounds very childish but this plot actually represents the circumstances that the author wants you to understand perfectly. The story will teach you the meaning of a lot of things and how even something huge can be resolved just by some positive and smart thinking. It becomes very easy to understand the authors perspective because of how the story flows and how interesting it becomes with all the metaphors and explanations as well. This is one of my favorite books of all time and I highly recommend everyone to give it a read. If you are looking for success in your business just give this a read and you will not regret it. You can get this book and other similar books from platforms like eBay.

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