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10 Leading eCommerce UI/UX Design Trends 2021

Author: Tech Avidus
by Tech Avidus
Posted: Oct 29, 2021
The overwhelming majority of consumers prefer the overall shopping experience over minor price variations, web application design trends in 2021 have also prioritized quality over style. In this article, we list the most well-known mobile and web application features that help businesses stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Searching with Voice-Based Engines:

It is no secret that Google's Siri and Amazon's Alexa made it simple for users to search for products that are available to purchase online. There's a lower chance of making a mistake in a voice search as the device which converts your voice to an indigenous language doesn't produce typos, and delivers immediate results. This gives you the chance to wow your user by presenting the site's features and functions instead of using up your time with long SEO terms.

Augmented Reality:

AR is a highly effective tool that allows your customer the feel and touch of items, like bikes, clothes, shoes, and many more, prior to they decide to buy. More Augmented Reality features such as 3D images of clothing and racing bikes that enhance the feeling and experience of using and owning products in entertainment and commerce are extremely popular.

Advanced Micro Interactions:

Utilizing Live video and data visualization 3D elements, advanced motion techniques and artificial intelligence, it is possible to design immediate responses animated in real-time that retains the feeling of human interaction and improve the micro-experience. It is possible to take a closer review of some of these features and tools that are in use on these UI UX Design course students' portfolios here.

Artificial Intelligence:

In the event that you aren't employing AI in your everyday activities, you're most likely to be missing out on the potential productivity. When it comes to eCommerce marketing AI will be your most rational method to forecast future user behavior as well as triggers and buying capability. Of course, the way your website's AI can capture this data will be contingent on how well the algorithm that makes the AI work has been developed by the market AI developer.

Technology-Enhanced Delivery as well as Shipping:

The use of GPS tracking devices on shipping vehicles and drone delivery are services that provide immediate and constant information for the customer who doesn't want to just sit and wait for the product to be delivered.


In the event that a UI designer design protruding visual elements to imitate real-world experiences, this process is called "neumorphism". The common thread of the neuromorphic interfaces is that they appear to be connected to their background.


Illustrations drawn by hand make an appearance in 2021, as designers achieve success and adaptability in depicting technical aspects of products or services.

Automated Chatbots:

Automated responses to customer inquiries cut down on the time it takes to call customer service helplines and increase UX satisfaction, but the outcomes entirely depend on the extent to which the AI understands the customer's problem.

keyless security:

Because of the frequency with which people move between applications or lock screens, as well as the widespread use of fingerprint sensor gaming and e-wallet programs are increasingly using authentication with no lengthy passwords.

Flexible UI that can be customized:

The increasing number of apps lets you choose your colours, themes as well as navigation routes as well as other options. A growing strain on the eyes has brought people to the awareness of the sensitiveness to light.

Final Words

In 2021, the UI/UX design trends will continue to focus on making user experiences simpler, more varied, and enjoyable, as well as satisfying. It is not necessary to incorporate all trends at once and it's sufficient to incorporate a few of them to alter the appearance and feel of your site. We all know that minimalistism is among the main trends for 2021. So, let's keep the trend when we incorporate different styles in design.

If you are unsure about what trends are best for your company You can always get help from ui/ux solutions provider, TechAvidus can help you to improve your website or application style or develop a completely new concept of your service. Call us today or leave a message so that we can talk about design things!

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