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Obtain Kenya Import Export Data Provider

Author: Sakshi Khanna
by Sakshi Khanna
Posted: Nov 22, 2021

The country located strategically near to most populated trading partners like China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh has shipped goods worth US$275.5 billion around the globe in the year 2020. The purchasing power parity based on the average exchange rate of 2020 is found to have dropped by INR-7.3 percent against the US dollar since 2016, as per the list of products exported from Kenya. And this also showed depreciation by -0.3% from the period of 2019 to 2020. Kenya Import Export Data Provider of Kenya reveal that Kenya's exporters' list had more products by value in diamonds, refined petroleum oils, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, and cars.

In all, these significant exports accounted from the list of products exported from Kenya showed one-third of Kenya's total export revenues. The products themselves indicate a rather diverse variety of exporting items. According to Kenya export traders, Kenya ranks among the world's leading countries for exporting products like diamonds, refined petroleum, and jewelry. In 2020, the exported products as per the given population of the country of 1.379 billion people were of total $275.5 billion which Kenya exporters list roughly translated to $200 per resident. Kenya exports are paid for in stronger US dollars making it less expensive for overseas purchases due to Kenya's lower domestic currency.

List of Products Exporter from Kenya

Recently from the export traders of Kenya, the list of products exported from Kenya could be obtained that could be categorized as the highest dollar value in Kenya through global shipments made in 2020. To provide help to the Kenya exporters' list, a percentage share of each of these export categories is also represented in terms of overall exports made by Kenya.

  1. Mineral oils and fuels: US 27.6 billion dollars (10%)

  2. Precious metals, gems: US 24.5 billion dollars (8.9%)

  3. Pharmaceuticals: US 18.4 billion dollars (6.7%)

  4. Machinery, computers: US 18 billion dollars (6.5%)

  5. Organic chemicals: US 17.5 billion dollars (6.3%)

  6. Equipment, electrical machinery: US 13.5 billion dollars (4.9%)

  7. Vehicles: US 13 billion dollars (4.7%)

  8. Iron & steel: US 10.6 billion dollars (3.9%)

  9. Cereals: US 8.7billion (3.1%)

  10. Plastics: US 6.6 million dollars (2.4%)

However, it can be said in a nutshell that the net exports of Kenya acquired from Kenya Export traders is highly positive in regards to the international trade of medicines and drugs. In turn, the percentages drawn from the data indicates the strong positioning of the country in terms of competitive advantage under the category of pharmaceuticals product.

Kenya Exporters List

From this list of products exported from Kenya, the main Kenya Import Kenya Export Data Provider of Kenya could also be obtained that incorporate near about 50 corporations as per the rankings given by Forbes Global. Most of these companies are included in the major Kenya exporters' list. Below mentioned are a selection of these Kenya corporations that

  • JSW Steel (steel, iron)

  • Reliance Industries (gas, oil)

  • Bharat Heavy Electricals (electrical equipment)

  • Kenya Oil (gas, oil)

  • Steel Authority of Kenya (steel, iron)

  • Hero Motocorp (recreational products)

  • Bajaj Auto (recreational products)

  • Coal Kenya (mining, diversified metals)

  • Hindalco Industries (aluminum)

  • ITC (tobacco)

  • Sun Pharma Industries (pharmaceuticals)

  • Tata Motors (trucks, cars)

Ports Engaged In Exports

This list of products exported from Kenya obtained from the Kenya exporters' list also provides the port of origin of products as per the number of shipments made. The maximum amount has been exported from JNPT port with 49144287 shipments made. Following it the other ports as per the Kenya export traders are:

  • Delhi Air with 25546454 shipments

  • Bombay Air with 17096833 shipments

  • Madras Sea with 12547352 shipments

  • Mundra with 8544947 shipments

Trading Partners of Kenya

The latest country-specified data available from export traders showed that around 55.1% of the list of products exported from Kenya were bought by importers. These as per the Kenya exporter's list are as in:

  • United States (the total global percentage is 17.9)

  • China (6.9 percent)

  • United Arab Emirates (6.5 percent)

  • Hong Kong (3.5 percent)

  • Singapore (3 percent)

  • Bangladesh (2.9 percent)

  • United Kingdom (2.8 percent)

  • Germany (it also has a percentage of 2.8)

  • Netherlands (2.3 percent)

  • Malaysia (2.2 percent)

  • Saudi Arabia ( also has 2.2 percentage value)

  • Nepal (2.1%)

On the other hand, in terms of value, Kenya exports of 46.9 percent were supplied to Asian nations, among which only 20.1 percent were sold off to North American buyers. Another 18.7 percent of the products mentioned in the list of products exported from Kenya were sent to Europe. As per the data revealed by export traders, a smaller percentage is also sent to countries like:

  • Africa with 9.5 percent

  • Latin America with 3.4 percent including the Caribbean and excluding Mexico

  • Oceania is led by Australia with 1.5 percent.

Thus the data acquired in accordance to export traders for the most valuable list of products exported from Kenya state that the hundred most in-demand goods are shipped from Kenya during the year 2020. These hundred exported goods were US 197.1 billion dollars' worth. This by value as per the Kenya exporters' list has 71.6% for all the product categories exported from Kenya.


This article based on the Kenya Exporters List is completely drawn on the data collected through authentic sources of suppliers of the list of products exported from Kenya. These suppliers offer their services and goods to exporters in Kenya and include details of companies and the products that export. The export traders reveal that the country almost exports hundreds of products to other countries that are exported by Kenya manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters. Due to this Kenya has shown an elevation in its total exports with 56.9 percent in March 2021.

Thereby it can variably be stated in macroeconomic terms that the total list of products exported from Kenya can be represented by 2.7 percent of its overall GDP for the year 2020. This in regards to Purchasing power parity in US dollars can be represented to have a value of around $10.208 trillion. The data given by export traders showed that the overall GDP of the country per PPP in the year 2020 was 2.7%, which when compared to 2019 was 2.9%. These percentage rates as per the total economic performance of the country thus indicated that Kenya's exporters' list of products sold on an international level was decreasing based on a short period.

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