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What are serviced apartments?

Author: George Anderson
by George Anderson
Posted: Jan 03, 2022

Hotel rooms and resorts are the old styles. Serviced apartments are the new-age solution and alternative to hotel accommodations. But how are the Serviced apartments different from the traditional hotel rooms? These serviced apartments are very similar to the hotel rooms. They need to be rented, but we get all the amenities, unlike hotel rooms. During our stay in the hotel, we get the feel of a guest, and we need to call the room service for laundry, food, etc.

On the contrary, we are our boss in a service apartment. It is like a short-term rental of a fully furnished flat. We get to cook our meals, do our laundry, and gym all in the same place. You can redecorate a serviced apartment as per your choice, making it your mini version of home. Although hotel rooms and serviced apartments seem similar, there are numerous benefits that tag along with serviced apartments.

Benefits of Serviced Apartments:

  • Hotel rooms tend to be a burden on our pockets in the long term. But, serviced apartments are cheap.
  • No Expenditure on hotel food because we get to cook our meals.
  • Gym facilities are available in our rooms while we need to visit a common gym in the hotel.
  • Hotel rooms are usually confined with not many rooms. In serviced apartments, we have more expansive space.
  • You can stay with your family and friends without the constraint on the number of people per room.
  • There is no hassle of check-in and check-out.
  • There is no intrusion of service staff or maids, which gives us our much-needed privacy.
  • Fridge, AC, Washing machine and all the typical appliances can be found in the serviced apartments.
  • Wi-Fi will be free of cost, whereas it is charged for in various hotels.

Serviced apartments will be the best pick if we are on vacation with family or on a business trip. Staying in a service apartment gives us the "Home Sweet Home" vibe in our travel destination city. We can save up to 30-50% on more extended stays in serviced apartments. Earlier, there were not many listings about these serviced apartments on the internet. However, serviced apartments have flourished, and we have enormous options to choose from. We can either choose these from a residential area or a busy area depending on our convenience and choice. There are several mobile applications as well as websites that offer us these serviced apartments in well-known cities.

Also, we can experience the local culture and dynamics by staying in these fully furnished apartments. Any apartment can be listed as a service apartment, and hence, we can find these almost anywhere. So, next time you travel, check out the option of serviced apartments.

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