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How can you convert your website wix to wordpress?

Author: Ankit Roy
by Ankit Roy
Posted: Jan 16, 2022

Wix is a simple and inexpensive website-building platform. It appeals to beginner website owners in particular because it handles the technical components of the site for you, so all you have to do is sign up for a hosting plan, choose a theme, and start creating pages with the drag-and-drop editor.

Wix is a popular website builder that quickly lets you create a simple website. But, on the other hand, many Wix customers quickly learn that their options are limited and that adding more features might be expensive.

If you want more features and freedom without the high costs, switching to self-hosted WordPress is the best solution. WordPress is so powerful that it powers over 32% of all websites on the internet. In this article, we'll teach you how to successfully migrate Wix to WordPress and expand your website with complete flexibility. And there are some vast WordPress website development services.

How to convert your website, Wix, to WordPress?

These are some ways to migrate Wix to WordPress.

Registering with a WordPress Web Hosting service

To start a new WordPress blog, you'll need to acquire web hosting as well as a domain name that will be established particularly for your site. There are a plethora of web hosting services from which to choose. Bluehost, HostGator, and SiteGround are a few of them. We strongly recommend 'Bluehost' because they are officially approved as a hosting service by Additionally, you have the choice of creating a new domain name or selecting the 'I already have a domain name option.

Creating a WordPress website for the first time

It's time to install WordPress after you've purchased a hosting plan. Bluehost will install WordPress for you, and all you have to do is log in to your dashboard. It is recommended that you begin working on setting up your WordPress permalinks as soon as you log in to your WordPress dashboard. The address of your postings is supposed to be determined by the permalink settings. On your dashboard, go to 'Settings,’ then 'Permalinks' to change your permalink settings. After that, you must choose your desired structure and then click the 'Save Changes' button to complete the process.

Changing your website's design and feel

To build the design you want, you might choose one of the many themes accessible on WordPress. Visitors will be more enticed to remain longer if the website is more attractive. Despite its importance, you should not emphasize the website design because it may be changed later. Conducting a comprehensive web search to understand how to select the most suited style for your industry is a smart idea.

Bringing in Blog Posts

If you want to migrate Wix to WordPress, the next step is the most important. Because Wix doesn't allow you to import its contents right away, you'll need to start by importing your Wix account's RSS feed. To begin, download your Wix account's RSS file and identify it by appending the suffix /blog-feed.xml to the end of your Wix URL. Next, a page with codes will appear, and you must right-click on it and select 'Save As.’ Now go to your WordPress dashboard and click 'Tools,' then 'Import,' and lastly 'Install Now.'

In no time, you'll notice the option 'Run Importer,' which you must pick, and then click the 'Choose File' button to select the feed.xml file that you had previously stored on your desktop. Next, you must pick the 'Upload file and import' option after selecting the file. If you followed the procedures carefully, you should have successfully imported your blog posts into WordPress at this time.

Wix Pages Importing

You have a page on your Wix account that needs to be imported, much like your blog entries. Because Wix doesn't have such a feature, you'll have to duplicate each of your pages one by one in your WordPress account. To do so, first highlight all of the material you want to transfer on your Wix page, then right-click and select 'Copy.' After that, you'll need to log into WordPress and go to 'Pages,’ then 'Add New' to rebuild the page you want. You must first type the page's title, then right-click, and then select 'Paste.' After pasting the page into your WordPress account, all you have to do now is click the 'Publish' button to publish the page in your WordPress account correctly. WordPress development services have many Aspects to consider, and WordPress website development for the site can be used effectively to achieve future business goals.

Putting Together a Navigational Menu

You'll need to design a navigational menu after you've imported your blog articles and pages. To do so, open 'Menus' after clicking on 'Appearance.' In the menu bar, type a name and then click the 'Create Menu' button. Then, after selecting the pages, you want to include, press the 'Add to Menu' button and then 'Save Menu.'

Congratulations! You've successfully transitioned your Wix to WordPress. The finest thing about this whole procedure was that you didn't have to convert Wix to HTML, which most people find difficult. Instead, to complete the process, you might simply employ BlueHost's low-cost Wix to WordPress conversion services.


When you switch from Wix to WordPress, you'll get a lot of advantages, like more freedom and control over your website. Even though switching to Wix isn't easy, we've explored two approaches for doing so correctly. You must first choose a new web server and buy or transfer your domain name. After that, you’ll be free to concentrate on the site's appearance and content.

The Wix to WordPress migration requires the use of a page builder and the manual creation of pages. Additional steps, such as SEO optimization and URL redirection, must be taken before your new WordPress site goes live you can hire a WordPress development company to ease the whole procedure of migrating the Wix website to WordPress. The transfer procedure is time-consuming, but with all that WordPress has to offer, we're confident you'll find it worthwhile.

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