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School Education: Where’s Its Future Headed

Author: Kojaram Choudhary
by Kojaram Choudhary
Posted: Jan 28, 2022

With continuous updates in technology, trends, and culture, schools also need to change their education system & teaching methods to be flexible with the new generation. Relating to the introductory point, this article discusses the state of India's education system and where it must be in the future.

The Present Situation of School Education

In numerous schools, the acceptance of technology is growing but not being implemented effectively or at all. Schools are still operating with outdated pen & paper learning, which provides very little variety in teaching methods as compared to modern classrooms that have online classes, interactive lessons, and computer labs, among other things.

Why is there a requirement for upgrading the school education system?

School education is essential, but it requires transforming with the latest technology and culture if schools want students to be successful now and in the coming era. Here are the two reasons for it.

  • Technology has modernized students, and now they can use the latest devices, which offer interactive multimedia learning.
  • The culture of society changes swiftly, and schools need to be flexible with the change. Otherwise, the importance of schools will diminish over time.

How has school education transformed over the years?

School education has transformed over the past years, from a location where students would learn traditional subjects taught by a teacher with no technology to more technology implemented classrooms, offering multiple teaching methods like group work, projects based on current affairs, or science experiments.

How has online learning begun the revolution in school education?

Online learning has played an essential role in revolutionizing school education. Here are the two reasons for it.

Online Education: It is planted on the idea of learning via technology. Schools are starting to use more and more gadgets like laptops, tablets, etc., which make it easier for educators to interest students in interactive lessons.

Interactive Classes: This class allows students to be energetically included in their learning procedures by giving them control over what they view and how they learn new topics. It proved that this category of interaction raises student interest levels and recall rates, meaning better outcomes.

How is school education altering with the use of technology?

Technology is dramatically changing schools. Here's how?

  • Schools are complying with changing times by implementing technologies in their classes. Pupils use computers and software programs for many of their lessons.
  • Technology can also be used for group projects or presentations as teachers use more creative ways of applying new tools available in every school.

These alterations have led to more student engagement because there's less focus on cramming, which is uninteresting, even if correctly done.

It has also enhanced social skills since students must communicate during lessons instead of pin-drop silence while their teachers take command.

What are the crucial needs that a perfect future school must have?

The schools of the future must have these features for effective education.

  • The school syllabus must be based on the student's requirements and interests.
  • School days must be minimized to 4 hours of learning, with more time dedicated to sports activities and arts.
  • Classes must be smaller, maximum of 25 students in a class.
  • Teachers must progress their lessons according to the student's understanding and not at a fixed pace.
  • A 1:12 teacher to student ratio allows for more personal attention from teachers and minimizes students' stress.
  • The school must be a place where students can learn and develop at their speed.
  • Schools must have qualified teachers, which can teach the skills required for this decade, like computer coding.
  • The syllabus must focus on critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, etc., and traditional subjects.

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