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How can astrology help in avoid divorce?

Author: Vinay Bajrangi
by Vinay Bajrangi
Posted: Feb 21, 2022

When we think of divorce, it does not leave a happy impression on the folks involved, nobody wants their relationship to end in a divorce, but sometimes it does happen. It is often asked that "can astrology help avoid divorce/ separation or not?" The answer to this question is that if we go by Vedic Astrology rules, it can give you an idea about the chances of divorce. It is a no-brainer that if one is aware of something, they will guard against it. This blog will help you understand more about the role of astrology in averting divorce or separation.

Divorce is not the only solution

When two people of different natures and understandings pledge to live under one roof after marriage, some problems are bound to arise sooner or later. Having problems doesn’t mean that you should put an end to a relationship for which you have given your heart and soul. Some people often ask that is divorce or separation is the only solution for married life issues or is there some other way out. To answer that, ending a relationship or a divorce should not always be the last resort to attaining peace; sometimes, you just need to think peacefully before making any decision. If both the partners want things to work, nothing can stop them from getting over the marriage issues. But if both partners want to separate, then no one can stop them from getting a divorce.

Astrological Signs of Divorce in a birth chart

Another thing that sometimes comes to mind is that if astrology can indicate all aspects of life, then what are the signs of divorce in a birth chart for a person. Indeed, there are signs in astrology for divorce; there is just a need to comprehend them by analyzing a horoscope. There are signs of a divorce in a birth chart. Mars, Rahu, Saturn, and Sun act as marriage-breaking or divorce-devising planets in Kundli. It is essential to consider the position and condition of Venus and Jupiter while predicting marriage and divorce. It can only be analyzed by an able astrologer and not a beginner.

Marrying after a Divorce

If you have been through a divorce, then there will be a question in your mind that can I get married after a divorce. The answer is that you certainly marry after a divorce, as it does not stop the contentment. It is purely based on the inclination and attitude of a person to get married yet again after a divorce. There are some combinations of planets in astrology that also advise whether you will be able to marry again or not. But it can be answered only by a competent astrologer. So, all in all, marriage after a divorce is possible if you want to start life afresh.

When you want to find out the possibilities of a Divorce and whether or not you can marry again, it is better to consult the ace Vedic astrologer Dr. Vinay Bajrangi. He can examine your Kundli and make predictions about, is there any possibility of having a divorce in your life and, if at all there is, what you can do after that.


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