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What is the Difference Between an Electric Valve and a Solenoid Valve

Author: Sohel Shaikh
by Sohel Shaikh
Posted: Feb 25, 2022

When it comes to valves, it is hard to distinguish between solenoid valves and electric valves. This presents some difficulties during selection or application. In order to provide people with a clear understanding of the two valves, the following passages analyze their differences in detail.

To understand the differences between them, people must first be familiar with their definitions. The electric valve is a device that is controlled by an electric actuator to open and close. The valve is composed of two parts, an upper electric actuator, and a lower valve. The solenoid valve is a mechanical device that controls the flow of fluids such as oil, water, air, and other gases through the movement of a magnetic plunger. Combining two basic components: an assembly of the solenoid and plunger, and a valve with an opening through which a disc or plug is inserted to regulate the flow.

It can be concluded from the definitions above that there is one obvious difference between the two valves. This difference is the way the valve is opened and closed. The electric valve is usually opened and closed by an electric motor. To turn on or shut off the valve, people need certain analogies of time. This valve can be controlled to open or close at the same time. Completely opening, completely closing, or half opening or half-closing are the possible forms. Magnetic plugs open or close the solenoid valve. The plug is drawn into the solenoid when the coil is powered. A current is applied to the solenoid to operate the valve. The valve will return to its original position once the current is stopped. The valve can only be on or off, and the time it takes for it to open or close is extremely short.

The next difference is the way they work. As the electric one is controlled by an electric motor, it is able to withstand voltage surges better than the solenoid one. The solenoid valve is opened or closed in a short time, so it is commonly used in places with low flow rates and pressures but high intensity for switching. Additionally, the Valve Suppliers in UAE can be restored after an electricity failure, but the electric one does not. It must install the device for restoring function if it wants to restore.

Their application is the third difference. Their application is different because of their different working principles and conditions. The electric one is often used for regulation or as a switch, such as at the end of a fan coil. Solenoids are suitable for places with special requirements, such as fluid mediums with special properties.

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