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Super Important Features of SuiteCRM User Activity Tracker

Author: Vijay Kumar
by Vijay Kumar
Posted: Feb 27, 2022
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Do you find the idea of Tracking your Business team activity insurmountable? Are you applying for Guesswork here? Your Growth-minded organization needs great products like SuiteCRM User Activity Tracker. Because it gives a holistic view of user activity. We have multiple reasons why to invest in this SuiteCRM extension.

Marketing Team: Who deleted these Records in SuiteCRM?

Sales team: We have no idea, but we guess newbies who recently joined deleted by mistake.

Marketing Team: Are sure about that?

Sales team: We are not sure but we guess they were working yesterday. So ask them.

Have you understood the above conversation? The team is not properly aware of the activity that deleted the records from their CRM software. Surprisingly, the sales team applied Guesswork here, and yes, that’s not right at all. This is why your CRM Company needs the SuiteCRM User Activity Tracker Plugin. Because the biggest advantage is anyone can get a holistic view of user activity such as who deleted, at what time, from which operating system, etc.

Ultimately, this Extension of SuiteCRM is super advantageous because getting aware of all these can save you from any kind of damage to your business. In short, every critical information is in your hands now. So, is it best for your Investment or not?

What about Log-in/out time and IP Address?

Your business runs with dozens of employees who daily operate your CRM software to fetch leads, access crucial information, and for many things. As a Manager, you can check out the Morning log-in and Log-out times of every individual through this extension. It helps the manager to know whether they use CRM software on time or not.

Best of all, this plugin will unlock the insights of user-country and IP addresses. This is one of the most demanding functions. The Activity Tracker extension will share these details with the manager. And the idle time of a user will be shared too.

Are you curious about the Device they use?

Don’t you think that it would be intriguing to know the device they use to operate your SuiteCRM software? Strive for the plugin User Activity Tracker to know this. It even assists the head of your business to know the exact web browser and operating system the user operates for your CRM.

The extension will present the Day Summary Report feature. It gives you the entire details of the user. Better to understand the user activity from the Day Summary Report. The exact time and day information you will know through this product.

To know about the Module, use this SuiteCRM Plugin

So many SuiteCRM Modules are there. How can you get to know which module the user was working on for your business records or for other purposes? Maybe he/she used the Lead module, Account module.

Wait; don’t even think of applying Guesswork when you have a user-friendly add-on like Activity Tracker. It helps to know the module the user was working on. Additionally, this plugin offers advanced search for searching the entire activity of users.

Looking to Purchase it now?

Start with a Trial Period of 3 Days for this product. The extension may cost you $299.00 with Lifetime support. Plus if you are a beginner or if you are curious to understand the Installation and Configuration of this plugin then we can help you. You can get a Free Product Tour service from us.

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