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C2090-730:IBM Can Get Your Dream Job In the Vast IT Industry

Author: Jessica J. Newell
by Jessica J. Newell
Posted: Nov 15, 2014

Exam Information:

The C2090-730 Examination is for DB2 9 Family Fundamentals certification. This examination contains total numbers of 64 questions and time allowed to complete the examination are 90 minutes. In order to achieve certification, candidates need minimum score of 59 percent. As this examination can be taken C2090-730 Online Education, candidates can appear for the examination in two different languages that are English and Japanese.

Topics Covered In The Examination:

Following are the topics that will be covered during the examination with the respective percentage of each topic.

Planning (14 percent)

Acquaintance of XML data implications (non-shreading)

Acquaintance of non-relational data ideas (extenders)

Acquaintance of limiting data access

Acquaintance database workloads (warehousing vs. OLTP)

Acquaintance of the functions or features accessible in DB2 tools (just tools that come with the product - distributed +space - i.e., configuration advisor, control center, command line processor, and the configuration assistant)

Security (11 percent)

Given a DDL SQL report, acquaintance to recognize outcomes (revoke/grant/connect statements)

Acquaintance of encryption alternatives (network and data)

Acquaintance of various authorities and privileges

Acquaintance of DB2 result (server, client, etc.)

Working With Databases And Database Objects (17 percent)

Given a DDL SQL report, acquaintance to recognize results (capability to generate objects)

Acquaintance of basic properties and characteristics of DB2 objects

Ability to recognize DB2 objects

Ability to recognize and attach to DB2 databases and servers

Working With DB2 Data Utilizing SQL (23.5 percent)

Given an XQuery report, acquaintance to recognize results

Capability to call a procedure or invoke a user defined function

Acquaintance of transactions (i.e., commit/rollback and transaction boundaries)

Capability to utilize SQL to UPDATE, INSERT, or DELETE data

Capability to utilize SQL to GROUP or SORT data

Capability to utilize SQL to SELECT data from charts

Given a DML SQL statement, acquaintance to recognize outcomes

Working With DB2 Tables, Indexes And Views (23.5 percent)

Acquaintance of data type alternatives for saving XML data

Acquaintance of schemas

Acquaintance to recognize when triggers should be utilized

Acquaintance to recognize properties of a table, index or view

Acquaintance to recognize techniques of data constraint

Acquaintance to recognize when referential reliability should be utilized

Given circumstances, capability to generate table

Capability to display usage of DB2 data kinds

Data Concurrency (11 percent)

Given circumstances, acquaintance to recognize the separation levels that must be utilized

Acquaintance to recognize properties of DB2 locks

Capability to list objects on that locks can be acquired

Acquaintance to recognize issues that persuade locking

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