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Can you wear tight fitting footwear if you have bunions?

Author: Craig Payne
by Craig Payne
Posted: Mar 21, 2022
bunion assassin

Occasionally you need to simply do what you need to do. For those who have a bunion the advice which health care professionals are going to give you is likely to be certain that your footwear is of an ample breadth in the ball of the foot so they won't push on the bunion or push the large toe across even further. You will probably get some guidance on several exercises that you may undertake to help to keep the toe mobile and flexible. You may be presented some education concerning the reason for the bunion as being a mixture of inherited genes and poor fitting footwear along with the importance of getting the suitable footwear to get a better long term outcome. You could even get scolded at a subsequent check up if you're not using that recommendation. There may also be a conversation of various types of pads which can be used to alleviate pressure on the bunion and other ones that you could wear in your footwear to ensure they are more comfortable when they are painful. You will likely have a conversation in regards to the surgical options for bunions and how different operative procedures can be done as well as what could be the time to recover following bunion surgical procedures.

Yet sometimes (or even often) you can find yourself in a spot in which you should wear or use the footwear which you have been explained to aren't good for your bunions, or perhaps worse, you will need to wear tight fitting shoes for some kind of special event. The world certainly will not stop if you undertake this from time to time, however it is going to be a problem for your bunion should you choose to do it a great deal. What else could you do if you find yourself in that situation and require something to help you get through to help safeguard the foot and maybe even avoid future issues? Usually there are some alternate options that maybe you might like to try to help you cope with the very short term use of the improper shoes. One of these items that we quite often recommend people to make use of is the Bunion Assassin or very similar items. These are a 'sock' that goes around the ball of the foot and between your first and second toes. In between the toes the Bunion Assassin features a rubber pad which puts a mild separating between the toes to place them in a much more ideal place. Additionally, it has a thin rubber gel which goes over the bunion to cushion it from shoe strain to make it less painful. The Bunion Assassin isn't likely to correct the bunion, it is on the other hand, going to make it more comfortable and maybe make those shoes that you really really should not be wearing a lot more endurable. In addition, should you do end up putting on these incorrect footwear very occasionally, you could consider the bunion corrector night splint that may go some way to undoing some of the damage which the footwear can have achieved. Additionally after having a night out with those wrong shoes you know you should not be wearing, do some exercises to flex and strengthen the joint.

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Craig Payne is a University lecturer, runner, cynic, researcher, skeptic, forum admin, woo basher, clinician, rabble-rouser, blogger and a dad.

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