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Craig Payne

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A Brief History of Croydon, Victoria, Australia

Croydon is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia located about 28 km east of Melbourne's Central Business District. It has a population of almost 27,000 people. The land that eventually became...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Destinations Dec 24, 2020
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A Brief Synposis of San Francisco

San Francisco is a city in Northern California, USA. It is officially both a City and a County. It has just under 900 000 residents covering an area of almost 50 square miles, making it the fourth...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Destinations Oct 23, 2020
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Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia and the fifth biggest city in Australia. Adelaide is situated on the Adelaide Plains just north of the Fleurieu Peninsula located near the...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Destinations Oct 26, 2020
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Anterior Compartment Syndrome

Running is a popular sport not only for general fitness but also for getting fit for competing in other sports and as a competitive sport on its own. Running is relatively easy to do, can be done at...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Diseases & Conditions Nov 04, 2020
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Arch Supporting Flip Flops

Flip flops are a category of footwear that are both good and bad for the feet. They are good for the feet when they get the foot out of tight constricting footwear into the open air, especially in the...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Diseases & Conditions May 17, 2021
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Are Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast Healthy?

Trends in diet and official recommendations as to what is the better healthy diet changes over time. The changes are due to better understandings of what consists of healthy diet, the understanding of...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Nutrition Jan 27, 2021
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Are Chemtrails Real?

Chemtrails are nothing more than a silly made up conspiracy theory, mostly from those who must have failed high school science. The chemtrail conspiracy theory claims that the normal long lasting...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Jan 03, 2021
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Are Covid Toes a Thing?

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the winter months there started to appear multiple reports from Spain and Italy of chilblains on the toes being common in those with COVID-19. Chilblains...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Diseases & Conditions Aug 21, 2020
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Are the Recovery Footwear Useful?

Athletes train hard to reach their goals, usually by increasing the amount and intensity of their training. However, what has become clearer in recent years is that resting and not training is...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Track & Field Aug 25, 2020
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Biomechanical Problems of the Forefoot

The foot is a complex biomechanical structure that has to do a lot of work. As it is such complex structure, there is a lot that can go wrong with it. There are many biomechanical deviations in the...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Diseases & Conditions Jun 07, 2021
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Can Exercises Help Bunions?

Bunions are a common problem of the foot and can be painful. They are an enlargement of the big toe joint and are usually associated with a deviation of the big toe towards the smaller toes. They are...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Diseases & Conditions Dec 27, 2020
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Can Foam Rolling Help Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is the most common musculoskeletal problem seen in the foot. It is an inflammation and degeneration of the plantar fascia which is a long ligament that supports the arch of the foot...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Diseases & Conditions Oct 24, 2020
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Can Running Shoes Prevent Injury?

The main purpose of a runner having proper running shoes is to help prevent injury and help them run faster. The use of the wrong running shoe for a runner is considered to increase the risk for...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Track & Field Dec 30, 2020
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Can You Get Arch Support from Flip-Flops?

Flat feet are a common problem and are often not necessarily an issue. It can increase the risk for other problems developing and may become symptomatic on its own. For this reason, flat feet is often...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Diseases & Conditions Mar 27, 2021
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Can You Use the Vibram Five Fingers As Running Shoes?

The Vibram Five Fingers footwear are a type of footwear that was released in 2004 and was designed to fit the foot like a glove with a pocket for each toe, like the gloves. They were initially...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Track & Field Feb 19, 2021
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Craig Payne is a University lecturer, runner, cynic, researcher, skeptic, forum admin, woo basher, clinician, rabble-rouser, blogger and a dad.