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How Can Exercising with Airbags Benefits Your Body

Exercise refers to any movement that makes the muscles work and needs the body to burn out calories. There is a wide range of physical activities that fall within the exercise, like swimming, walking...

Riki William Aug 12, 2021
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What Are the Goods of Using Artificial Grass in Playgrounds

Finding the correct playground surface is vital for fashioning a visually agreeable space that’s also secure. Gravel and wood chips and work fine. However, they have chances of scraped knees, and are...

Riki William Oct 06, 2020
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What Are Few Facts to Consider Before Purchasing the Magnetic Dart Board?

A lot of people out there always opt for the right kind of indoor and outdoor games, and that makes them happy and contented. So, whenever you are actually choosing for a specific game, selecting dart...

Riki William Sep 25, 2018
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A Brief History of the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games, represent a centuries-old tradition of athletic competition and international unity. This remarkable event, held every four years, has a rich history dating back to ancient Greece...

Craig Payne Oct 20, 2023
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Would You Try a Heel Less Running Shoe?

Running shoes come in a wide variety of different designs that are not just different based on the colour. They can have different amounts of cushioning, different amount of heel height and different...

Craig Payne Aug 21, 2022
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The Uses of Medial Posting in Running Shoes

There are literally hundreds of different running shoe brands and models, and they are all probably designed to meet the needs of each different runner. Each brand will use their own set of...

Craig Payne Jun 04, 2022
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Are New Balance Shoes Really Made in the USA?

The New Balance running shoe company is one of the major players in the running shoe and sneaker market. Like all their competitors, most of their shoes are manufactured in different Asian countries...

Craig Payne Dec 27, 2021
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What is the 'Runner's High'?

Most runners have at some stage experienced what has become known as the ‘Runners High‘. This is a sense of well-being and euphoria that runners may experience when running that temporarily helps them...

Craig Payne Oct 25, 2021
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Can You Use the Vibram Five Fingers As Running Shoes?

The Vibram Five Fingers footwear are a type of footwear that was released in 2004 and was designed to fit the foot like a glove with a pocket for each toe, like the gloves. They were initially...

Craig Payne Feb 18, 2021
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How to Deal with Runners Knee?

Pain in the knee of runners is the most common overuse injury that runners get. Making up to around 25% of the injuries. It is more common in females compared to males. The name that is typically...

Craig Payne Feb 09, 2021
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How to Select the Right Running Shoe

Selecting the right running shoe is an important decision that a runner has to make. As there are a few hundred different brands and models of running shoes to choose from, this is not exactly an easy...

Craig Payne Jan 01, 2021
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Can Running Shoes Prevent Injury?

The main purpose of a runner having proper running shoes is to help prevent injury and help them run faster. The use of the wrong running shoe for a runner is considered to increase the risk for...

Craig Payne Dec 30, 2020
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The Legacy of Barefoot Running Shoes

About 2009 there started a trend in the running community towards barefoot running. The trend was to do away with the supportive and cushioned running shoes as they were considered the cause of a lot...

Craig Payne Dec 28, 2020
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The Legend of the Barefoot Marathoner, Abebe Bikila

The marathon is the stuff of legends and is a really a hard distance to run, even for those who are trained. The marathon covers 42 kms and is hard on the body, particularly the feet which is why all...

Craig Payne Oct 11, 2020
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Why All the Fuss About Running Cadence?

Within the running community there is often a lot of discussion and even obsession with the running form or technique with lots of opinion, lots of claims from guru’s with a lot of dogma and not a lot...

Craig Payne Oct 09, 2020
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