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Can Astrology Predict timing of Divorce?

Author: Vinay Bajrangi
by Vinay Bajrangi
Posted: Apr 09, 2022

Nobody wants a marriage to end in a divorce, but when there is no other resort it is sometimes the only and a mandatory option. Astrology has the potential to predict most of the occurrences in life, and so, divorce can also be predicted. A divorce Yoga in a Kundli says that there are possibilities of a divorce, but it does not mean that, it will surely transpire. Yes, it is possible to predict the timing of divorce, and also whether it can be stopped or not.

Divorce and inauspicious time of Marriage

In marriage astrology, we always look for an auspicious muhurat to get married and avoid any negative influence on our married life. This clearly states about the importance of auspicious timings in getting married. Now, sometimes people give the cold shoulder to this traditional practice of selecting a Shubh muhurat for marriage. They marry while completely ignoring any of these auspicious timings. This certainly brings negativity to married relations.

Some of the bad timings to be avoided for a successful marriage:

  • It is common practice to avoid marriage when karaka of marriage, i.e., beneficial planets like Jupiter and Venus, are combust.
  • People also avoid marriages when Sun stays in Sagittarius and Pisces in transit.
  • It is advisable to select a day for marriage when the moon transits into these constellations (nakshatras) : Rohini, Magha, Mrigasira, Hastha, Anuradha, Swathi, Moola, Uttarabhadra, Uttarashada, Revati.
  • When the moon transits into Ashwini, Chitra and Dhanistha Nakshatra, it is considered moderate timings for marriage.
  • Choose tithi 2,3,5,7,10,11,12,13,15 in a lunar month.
  • The days after new moon day or Amavasya are also considered good for marriage.
  • One should also avoid adhika maasa (extra month added once every three years), shoonya maasa (sun in Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) and combustion days of Jupiter and Venus for marriage.
  • One should pick a lagna (ascendant or rising sign) when the 7th house is vacant on the marriage date.
  • Jupiter or Venus placed in lagna or aspecting is considered the best lagna for marriage on the selected date.
  • All evil planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Sun, Mars should not form any association with the 7th house.
  • Mars should also not be placed in the 8th house of selected muhurta and Venus should also not be there in the 6th house.
  • Also, two siblings from the same family should not get married on same date.
  • It is also important to consult your personal astrologer to assure that you are running under bad transits or bad dasas at the time of marriage or shortly after it as they might lead to separations and divorce.

So, it is very important to consider an auspicious muhurat not just for marriage but for all important events in life.

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If you feel that there is no hope left in your relationship, and it is better to part, then you can consult an astrologer and ask about the possibilities of the divorce happening. After the Horoscope Analysis, a maven can tell when you can part your ways.


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