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A Few Design Rules for a Practical and Beautiful Kitchen

Author: Mike Kempsky
by Mike Kempsky
Posted: Apr 12, 2022
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Everyone knows that kitchen is one of the most essential rooms in the whole house. The organization of the decor of the room affects not only its appearance but also its functionality, which is extremely important in the case of the kitchen. Read this article to find out our tips to make the kitchen practical, and of course - marvelous.

Practical and Pretty Kitchen

Many people collect non-functional items over the years, so from time to time, it is worth making a few changes to refresh the look of the interior. Re-design of kitchen is an amazing way to free up space and make room for another usage, which is needed at the moment. There is a group of special devices, which are extremely useful, and it is almost impossible to imagine a modern, functional kitchen space without them. Some essential appliances, which must be included in your house or apartment are a microwave oven, a cook top, a range hood, a refrigerator, and a dishwasher.

Achieving useful and functional kitchen decor

In a kitchen, everything should have its purpose and look pleasingly to the eye, but how do choose only practical items? This question torments anyone who plans to bring a breath of freshness to their kitchen. We are happy to share with you a few ways to make kitchen space more modern, minimalistic, and most importantly – functional.

Open shelves

Open shelves are one of the most popular kitchen design parts at this moment. There is usually a lot of space, which you can use to organize stuff like plates, teacups, or glasses. Designers advise avoiding plastic and distinct colors, so try to arrange the space with similar patterns.

Kitchen Island

If you need more space to store kitchen accessories – a kitchen island will work perfectly. It can serve both as a place for items as well as a table, where you can eat a meal. You should also remember, that it adds a modern touch to this special room.


Kitchen countertops cannot be missing from any kitchen. It is worth choosing some minimalist, functional countertops with both drawers and lockable cabinets. Thanks to this, you will gain space for storing cutlery, as well as larger items such as pots or pans.

Work triangle

When planning kitchen equipment, it is worth adopting the principle of a working triangle. According to this method, the most crucial kitchen appliances such as a refrigerator, sink, or stove should be located on the tops of a triangle drawn in relation to the room plan.

Finishing materials

The most common types of finish are divided into matte, satin, or glossy. When choosing the right one for you, you should pay attention not only to the appearance, but also to the strength and ease of maintenance of the surface. Any kitchen worktop will look beautiful in combination with the right accessories and match the rest of the kitchen decor.


Backsplash is a wonderful accent in every modern and functional kitchen. This vertical extension to a counter can be just a few inches, or alternatively reach as high as the ceiling. It protects the wall behind the sink from damage caused by water splashing. There is a multiplicity of materials that may be used for that. The copper backsplash will definitely look amazing in an industrial, dark kitchen. Wall copper tiles may also be replaced by stainless steel tiles for backsplash. It will look good with any kind of material, just because steel is extremely versatile.

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