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One of his most famous methods is to slowly raise the cane to his head

Author: Breeze Spring
by Breeze Spring
Posted: Apr 16, 2022

You can use a sequence of swings with Elden Ring Runes his favorite weapon for horizontal sweeps (which can be parried if you're timing it correctly), and often combine them by summoning a holy dagger to slice at a faster rate in a backwards jump before throw it towards you. He may also simply performing an evading swing from his weapon as he leaps back to increase distance from you. At other times, he could start to hold his tool in the air with one hand while walking forward before slamming it vertically down before him.

One of his most famous methods is to slowly raise the cane to his head, and then hold it in two hands. Then, he'll whirl it into lengthy delay, the final part of it will send it into the ground in front him - but you can be able to dodge the weapon once it's in the process of falling. If you reschedule from this attack, he'll spring forward following the crash and use a follow up attack to get close to you, however you are able to dodge roll behind his leaping move.

At times, when he's at a distance, he'll begin to jog forward, and then jump into the air and then slam down with his cane like speartips into the ground. It's a powerful move, but it's also easy to dodge and keep him from getting behind with plenty of time to strike him while he slowly takes weapons from his ground.

Around half health, he'll admit you have some strength however, get a holy hammer and strike it in a arc the direction of his face to gain momentum, allowing it to fly into the air, before crashing down upon you. You can reverse away from the initial swing, and wait until he's almost ready to crash down to stay out of the direction of the hammer. Then respond - but be prepared for dagger attacks in the future.

Additionally, he can summon a long golden sword blade, which has more reach than daggers. He can also utilize it with his cane to execute spinning combo slashes that can be difficult to Elden Ring Items for sale avoid. Or, he can finish by slashing with his main staff weapon.

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