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The Indroduction Of Nutritious Mushroom Powder

Author: Polly Guo
by Polly Guo
Posted: May 02, 2022

Mushroom powder is a food made from shiitake mushrooms, which can be seasoned or directly used as food. Mushroom powder can be used to freshen soup and porridge, flavor fillings, or add fragrance to complementary foods, etc. It has a wide range of uses.

Shiitake mushroom is one of the mushrooms with relatively high nutritional value, therefore, the nutritional value of mushroom powder is also extremely high. Eating shiitake powder often can improve intelligence and health, help food and stomach, beautify the skin, and have many benefits for the human body.

The umami taste of shiitake mushroom powder is an important reason for its popularity. The main component of its umami taste is a class of water-soluble substances, and its main components are 5'-guanylic acid, 5'-AMP, 5'-UMP, etc. The composition of nucleic acid is about 0.1%. The production of the pleasant and unique flavor of shiitake mushrooms is also closely related to its drying process. Therefore, shiitake mushrooms are often prepared into dried shiitake mushrooms and shiitake mushroom powder.

The adavantages of the nutritious mushroom powder

Mushroom powder contains relatively rich amino acids and a large amount of protein. After ingesting the body, these amino acids can enhance the body's immunity, prevent colds, and can strengthen the spleen and eliminate food. effect. Mushroom powder is rich in trace elements, vitamin E, and vitamin C, which can whiten the skin and eliminate pigmentation on the face.

When using, sprinkling dried shiitake mushroom powder on the cooking food can improve the freshness. In addition, it is also important to note that it must be protected from moisture during storage.

Fitaky, as the professional manufactuer & supplier, the annual output of our fruit and vegetable powder has reached 20,000 tons, the supply is stable and sufficient, and the global supply is available.

Except the nutritious mushroom powder, we still have other hot sale fruit and vegetable powder,such as tomato powder, carrot powder, banana powder, dragon fruit powder, strawberry powder, purple sweet potato powder, lemon powder, pineapple powder,peach powder, etc.

Our customer groups are mainly bakery and pastry food factories, health food factories, beverage factories, meat processing factories, seasoning powder factories, restaurant for making dishes, etc. What's more, our Filipino customers who run restaurants use our pure mushroom powder for soups, which are delicious.

We provide 24-hour free consultation service, and customers in need are welcome to inquire at any time.


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