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How GPS Tracking Software Boosts Your Field-centric Business’ Productivity

Author: Nitesh Goel
by Nitesh Goel
Posted: May 14, 2022

It is crucial for field-centric businesses dependent on assets such as vehicles and executives to prioritize asset management. However, asset management is both important yet difficult than usual for these businesses owing to the remoteness of operations. This is where field employee management software or fleet management software come into play.

With GPS tracking systems such as workforce management or telematics software, you become omnipresent - be it with vehicles or people.

Being aware of your assets plays a massive role in boosting business profits. Want to know how? Let's learn in this article!

Let’s See How GPS Tracking Software Improves Businesses!

It doesn’t matter what kind of field-centric business you run and how many assets you need to manage. If your business relies on certain assets and you are struggling with managing their productivity, you need GPS tracking software.

Here are a couple of ways GPS tracking and GIS systems increase vehicle or people productivity in your team:

Real-time Monitoring To Increase Productivity

Real-time monitoring is what makes GPS tracking software a necessity for fleet management and field force management systems. When you know where your employees or vehicles are in real-time, you can tell how productive they are being. You can check if they are idling, procrastinating, or working.

Real-time monitoring also helps you understand your employee/vehicle's functioning on a granular level. You can then use this information to strategize accordingly.

GIS For Safety and Authenticity

Be it a field team of vehicles or people, knowing everything is safe and authentic is important. Maintaining these things in your team makes or breaks the additional profits you could get. GPS tracking systems help you reduce theft and asset misplacement from your team and fleet.

For vehicles, TrackoBit can be configured with sensors such as the SOS button to maintain vehicle security. For executives, TrackoField can use geocoded data and mobile status to generate fool-proof attendance logs. Moreover, real-time tracking in itself plays a huge role in maintaining safety and authenticity on the field.

Route Management Systems + Fuel Management Software = Reduce Costs

It is incredibly important to reduce operational costs in your team of field tasks. Why? Because the lower the operational costs, the higher the profits your business pockets, right?

With the help of fleet management software, offering fuel monitoring solutions, you can check your fleet’s fuel consumption. Therefore, you can start optimizing it by planning out routes that are more time and fuel-friendly through route management systems.

Plan Everything in Advance

The best thing about managing your team through software aid is that you get insightful reports. With these reports, you can plan things in advance as you can tell what each vehicle or employee’s performance is like. In case you do not like any particular asset’s performance, you can always strategize and train accordingly.

Summing Up

Be it field employee management software or fleet management software, GPS tracking systems are crucial for field-centric businesses. After all, how can you manage your business profits if you cannot manage the team/fleet that primarily helps run the business?

With tools like real-time tracking, fuel management systems, fool-proof attendance, and fuel management systems, your operational costs will go down. Hence, your profits would shoot up! So, what are you waiting for? If you run a team of field executives, try TrackoField. And if you run a fleet, try TrackoBit, India’s fastest-growing fleet management software!

About the Author

TrackoBit is the fastest growing Telematics software company based out in India. Our expertise lies in building real-time platforms backed by robust infrastructure that scales on the cloud.

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