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5 Easy Ideas to Make Read Aloud More Fun

Author: Jennifer Kropf
by Jennifer Kropf
Posted: May 13, 2022
reading aloud

Reading aloud has been scientifically proven to increase comprehension and vocabulary and help with long-term memory. So why wouldn’t we want to encourage our kids (and ourselves) to read aloud more?!

Well, sometimes reading aloud can be awkward, boring, nerve wracking and just not fun. And if you already have a stubborn reader at home trying to read aloud can be like pulling teeth! So I’ve collected five fun ideas to make reading aloud more enjoyable for everyone!

  1. Choose materials they want to read

The easiest way to get kids to stay engaged in read-aloud or even having them read out loud is to allow them the freedom of choosing what they’re going to read! Don’t you think they’ll be more inclined to read out loud and share their favorite story with you if it’s something they're passionate about? Maybe you’ll learn something new about Minecraft, volcanoes, jewelry making or soccer!

See this good books for 7 year olds list for ideas>>

  1. Choose age appropriate material

The fastest way to discourage a child to read aloud is having them read material that is too advanced for them. Struggling to sound out (majority) of words or not comprehending the story could damage their confidence and set them backwards. Be sure to help them choose materials that are on their reading skill level so they can stay relaxed.

  1. Read everything and anything

Don’t make reading aloud a chore by taking advantage of the opportunities around you. Have some extra time in the car? Point to street or store signs and have them say it out loud. Out to dinner? Have them pretend they are the chef and read out the menu for the table. Need help making dinner? Ask them to read out the recipe. Sometimes a light-hearted diversion to the typical reading routine is just what is needed to keep the pleasure of reading.

  1. Get into it!

Reading aloud is the perfect opportunity to show your fun side as a parent! Join your little one as they read aloud by alternating reading out loud, add funny voices to characters, use props or make it a live action type of activity. The more your child sees your enthusiasm and amusement, they’ll be more inclined to want to do it themselves. Whether you're doing story time or they are reading something to you, keep it entertaining!

  1. Make it interactive

Keep everyone involved during reading time! You can do so by reading out loud to your child and have them draw images of what they are hearing from the story. For older kids, create a reading journal where they can write down questions or critical thoughts. Stay creative by choosing themed material and then add a related craft or activity.

Reading of any kind should be enjoyable to those reading and listening so be sure to try one or all of these fun ideas the next time you have read aloud at school or in your own family room. Teach kids to read out loud themselves or follow along to your own storytime to get the full benefits of reading.

"Reading is a passport to countless adventures." –Mary Pope Osborne

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Jenn writes at her blog She’s a mom of three looking to learn and grow. Check it out if you love helpful tips on health, family, and personal growth.

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