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The Different Types of Batting Pads and What They're Used For

Author: Nirmal Patel
by Nirmal Patel
Posted: May 21, 2022

Cricket Batting pads are essential for the safety of the batsman. The batting pads also help give confidence to the batsman to play more freely. In this blog, we will give you a list of types of batting pads available and what they’re used for.

Cricket Batting Pads

Batting pads are the first line of defense for a batsman. The body and legs are covered by the equipment, while the chest and arms are protected by gloves and protective guards.

Batting pads, also known as leg guards or shin guards, consist of two pieces: one covering each leg that extends from just below the knee to just above where your socks would start if you were wearing them. They're made from various materials depending on what type of player you are (i.e., whether you're an opening batsman who needs more protection or an experienced one who needs less).

The most common materials used for leg guards include plastic or leather with synthetic material liners/padding inside; however, some cricket players prefer to wear wooden or bamboo padding instead due to its increased flexibility when compared with plastic alternatives—even though this can mean getting fewer hits than someone who uses other types because they tend not be as rigidly shaped as others."

Cricket Wicketkeeper Pads

Wicketkeeper pads, sometimes called wicketkeeping pads or short leg pads, are designed to protect the area between the knee and ankle. These cricket accessories are made from a hard shell material that prevents injury from a bowler's ball hitting directly on this part of your body. Wicketkeeper pads come in multiple sizes; players can choose their size based on their height and weight. They should be worn with a helmet and other protective gear when playing cricket because they don't offer much protection by themselves.

Cricket Leg Pads

Cricket leg pads are used to protect the lower legs. They are usually made of leather and can be custom-made for adults and children, depending on your size and whether you want a custom fit or something more easily available at the store. The pads will protect your legs from being hit by the ball if it is bowled at you from close range, but they also provide added protection for when batting or keeping wicket if there's any other kind of collision with another player or object on the field.

While most people think of cricket as an outdoor sport, there are several different types of cricket games that can be played indoors as well. Some indoor cricket leagues are even played with six players per team instead of eleven (you'll find more details about this variation below). In any case, whether you're playing in an indoor or outdoor arena—or both!—cricket pads have many uses beyond simply protecting yourself against being hit by a ball (though they certainly serve that purpose too).

Cricket Underarm Protection

Underarm protection is a special type of wicketkeeping glove that has been designed to protect the hand against fast moving cricket balls. In the sport of cricket, there are two types of deliveries: leg-side and off-side. The former is when a bowler bowls towards the batsman's legs while the latter is when they bowl from behind him. If you're playing as a wicketkeeper, you'll have to keep your eye on both these types because it could be dangerous if you're hit by either one.

The most common type of underarm protection for wicketkeepers is made from Kevlar which offers more protection than any other material used for this purpose. This means that even if you accidentally catch an incoming ball with your bare hands, it won't hurt as much as it would if you didn't wear any underarm guard at all!

if you're playing cricket, it's important to have the right protection.

If you're playing cricket, it's important to have the right protection. This means using a pad that will protect your knees and shins, lower back and groin (because these are areas where injuries can occur). Pads are also very useful for protecting the hands and elbows when batting, or if you're fielding close in at short-leg or silly point. You should also consider getting some pads that protect your shoulders: these are particularly useful when bowling fast spells!

Finally, it's worth looking into what type of pad would be most useful for protecting your chest. A high quality chest guard is essential if you want to avoid getting hit by a ball while batting in the nets or out on the field.

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