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500kW/1000kWh lithium Battery For Energy Storage System Container

Author: Nico Wang
by Nico Wang
Posted: Jun 10, 2022

Battery Energy Storage System Container, Battery Container

We focuses on intelligent energy storage services adopts advanced international energy storage technology to provide safe and reliable energy storage system containers and services for global users.

The energy storage battery Containers are built on a modular structure. We can customize them to match the capacity and power requirements of the client's needs. The energy storage systems for batteries are built on the standard container for sea freight starting at the kWh/kW (single container) up to MW/MWh (combining multiple containers). The containerized energy storage system permits quick installation, secure operation and is controlled by environmental conditions.

Energy storage systems (BESS) Containers are made for public buildings, neighborhoods, medium-sized to large-sized businesses, utility-scale storage systems, off-grid systems, electric mobility, and backup systems. Containers for the energy storage system allow you to store the energy generated through wind turbines, photovoltaics, or CHP. Because of its long duration of use, the containers for energy storage are also utilized for peak shaving, which reduces the power expense.

Product DescriptionThe main principle of industrial ESS is to make use of lithium iron phosphate battery as energy storage, automatically charges and discharges via a bidirectional converter to meet the needs of various power applications. The energy storage container contains environmental control, power distribution, fire protection, security, lighting, monitoring, etc. It has the characteristics of convenient installation and space saving.The energy storage system can effectively reduce the load peak-to-valley difference, improve the utilization rate of power equipment, eliminate the fluctuation of renewable energy power generation, improve the ability to integrate renewable energy into the grid, improve power supply reliability and power quality, and promote the development of micro-grid.

Features1. Proven technology, secure, economic, green operation, long service life, reliable LFP battery;2. Large battery storage capacity; up to 95% battery system energy conversion efficiency;3. Three-level battery management system design; real-time monitoring of cell voltage and temperature; providing maximum reliability.4. Dynamically battery balancing management technology for fast and automatic battery maintenance; Automatic firefighting management system, fast and efficient alarm and control system, effectively preventing fire spread;5. Using industrial type air conditioner to effectively stabilize the temperature inside the container and makes the battery work at a suitable ambient temperature;6. Ensure the delivery of refrigerated air to each battery module through reasonable structural design;7. Container which is highly modular, structure-simplified, easy to install and maintain;8. Comprehensive, multi-level battery protection strategies and fault isolation measures to ensure the safety and stability of energy storage system;9. Energy storage system is equipped with energy management system, interacts with fire-fighting, air conditioning, access control, video monitor to obtain safer operation.

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Our focusing on grid energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, household energy storage, network energy, and integrated energy service, to provide customers with energy storage systems and overall solutions.

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