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Gable Top Carton Boxes and Cartoning Machines

Author: Zixin Yuan
by Zixin Yuan
Posted: Jun 10, 2022
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There are a lot of reasons that you Should Use Gable-Top Cartons

Gable top cartons, also known as gable bags or gable top boxes, are carton of special styles and with a triangular cross-section in the upper portion. Gable top cartons are usually used in the food industry for packaging, giving the reasons that it is important to be eye-catching in the fast-moving consumer goods industry and hence the gable top cartons are the solutions to stand out from tens of products on the shelf.

Benefits of Gable Top Carton Boxes

Compared with the traditional rectangular carton boxes with has six sides, gable cartons outstrips them in various factors including marketing performance, package safety, level of customization, etc. Basically, the advantages of gable top boxes are as follows:

l When gable top boxes are used for dry ingredients, a window can be put on the box so that the consumer can see the contents of the package.

l Gable top boxes are capable of re-closing. Now that a long closure panel that overlaps and front-panel comes with a tuck which can be inserted to secure the package

l Gable top cartons are more solid and protective given its triangular structure

l Enhance creativity and catch the attention of customers with its special appearance.

Gable top cartons are efficient and easy to ship, shelve and store due to its practical shape. They are also visual-appealing now that it has special shapes with large room for customization. What’s more, gable top cartons are more environmentally sustainable compared with plastic packaging now that it can be made with recyclable and renewable materials.

In Which Industries are Gable Top Boxes Used?

Gable boxes are primarily used in the food industry. And to be more specific, they are optimal packages for products below:

l Tea and Coffee

l Bakery

l Nut and Dry Ingredients

l Confectionery

l Pasta

l Cereal

l Granola

Cartoning Machine for Gable Top Boxes

Even though, gable top cartons are relatively more complex than traditional rectangular carton boxes. The packaging automation of them are not difficult as long as the gable top box cartoning machine is done with certain customized sections and functions. Regardless of the bottom style of the carton box, the cartoning machine erects the carton blanks as it is for a regular carton, then the folding line on the side panel is folded by a folding unit, and after which the long closure panel is folded to overlap the opposite panel and sealed by hot melt glue.

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