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The Importance of extra-curricular activities for children – 5 Points

Author: Sharmila Sharma
by Sharmila Sharma
Posted: Jun 23, 2022

The Importance of extra-curricular activities for children – 5 Points

As a society, we are making sharp advancements in every sphere of life. It is important that children today develop life skills faster then their previous generations. These skills are helping our children to stay with and sometimes move ahead of times and create better lives for them. As heavy as this sounds, there are so many simple ways to help our children achieve their goals while they have some fun in the process.

Schools across India have developed a wholesome experience for children, in terms of course material as well as extra-curricular activities. While the course material would help them gain knowledge on various subjects, the extra-curricular activities provide means to develop life skills to perform individually as well as a part of a group. Every boy’s or girl’s empowerment through group activities is of much importance and in this blog, we will share some easy and effective one’s along with their benefits.

Benefits of extra-curricular activities for children

Before we move on the various easy yet effective group activities you can plan for your child at home, let us look at 5 of the top benefits of engaging in extra-curricular activities.

  1. Pick up new skills: In today’s rapidly changing world, it is very important for a child to be both, academically sound and adept in various skills. 21st skills and competencies play a critical role in making a child future-proof. School curriculums are also becoming inclusive of extra-curricular activities for the same reason. What may begin as a hobby, when nurtured right can transform into a life skill.
  2. Improve academic performance: There are several skills that directly translate to a better academic performance in children. Extra-curricular activities can help make a child a better problem-solver, improve their analytical and critical thinking abilities and improve their memory. All of these skills have an impact of studies.
  3. Boost social skills: Man is a social being. It is very important to help a child develop the right set of social skills from a young age. Extra-curricular activities often happen in a group set-up where many children work together, interact with one another and improve their social skills.
  4. Better time management: By engaging in different activities other than studies, children learn to manage their better. It helps teach them a critical life skill, one that is going to help them all their lives.
  5. Better opportunities in the future: Most universities and colleges pick out students based on more than just their academic performance. How active a child was throughout school, how many extra-curricular activities have they undertaken are very important when applying for higher education. So, if you are researching about English medium girls’ school admission, do this point into consideration while shortlisting the schools.

Top 3 ways to engage children in extra-curricular activities

Now that we have covered the benefits of boy’s or girl’s empowerment through group activities, let us turn towards some easy yet effective ways to engage them.

  1. Sports and games: Games and sports are one of the easiest and often the most fun way to engage children in activities outside their studies. Plan a regular game night at home. Encourage your child to take part in whatever sports they like.
  2. Activity clubs: All good schools have a several activity clubs ranging from performing arts to gardening. They help in nurturing a talent and are a great way to let some steam off.
  3. Volunteering activities: It is very important to teach children how to give back to the society. Charity or volunteering activities are a good way to make them understand the importance of being sensible and responsible citizens.
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Sharmila Sharma is the coordinator of Sushila Birla Girls' School. Here she talks about the Importance of Parental Involvement In Girls’ Education

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