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Can We Get a Medical Loan for Cyst Removal?

Author: Gmoney Loans
by Gmoney Loans
Posted: Jun 23, 2022

Many ovarian cysts are harmless and don't cause pain. But, if you are feeling discomfort or an ovarian cyst is causing pain, then in these cases, doctors will recommend cyst removal with the help of surgery.

However, surgery in itself sounds frightening, but cyst removal surgery is relatively straightforward and requires around 45 to 60 minutes for the complete procedure. Most of the women can even go home the same day of treatment.

Why is Cyst Removal Surgery Required?

Ovarian cysts are often harmless, but sometimes some cysts can become fluid-filled packets and become painful. These have to be removed through surgery.

Simple ovarian cysts form during ovulation and are common in reproductive-age women. These can be mostly resolved without treatment. But, if a cyst does not go away on its own, is very large, or is causing severe symptoms like cancer, doctors recommend removing them.

An operation can remove one or more such cysts while leaving the ovary intact. Patients have to undergo general anesthesia and can go home the same day after the surgery.

The procedure of Cyst Removal Surgery

There are two types of operation involved in ovarian cyst surgery. First is conventional open surgery and a 'keyhole' surgery, also known as laparoscopy.

In the conventional type, the surgeon will make a horizontal cut just above the pubic bone or vertically just below the belly button. Then the surgeon will open the ovary and remove the cyst. Later, stitches are used to close the cut.

The surgeon makes two or three minor cuts over the tummy area in the keyhole technique. Then they insert a thin tube with a camera into one of the cuts to view the cyst and use delicate surgical instruments inserted through the other cuts to help remove the cyst.

Both of the techniques are safe and last around 60 minutes.

Cyst Removal Surgery Aftercare

Patients are expected to leave the hospital on the same day of surgery, especially when the patient has undergone keyhole surgery. Some of the after-effects of this surgery include:

  • Pain: Patients can feel mild pain in the stomach for a day or two. Some pain-relieving medicines can help you come over this problem.

  • Recovery Time: It may take around ten days to fully recover from the operation when you have undergone keyhole surgery. But, for the open surgery type, you may take up to six to eight weeks to recover fully.

Can We Get a Medical Loan for Cyst Removal?

Now, the most critical question is whether our health care policy covers the cost of cyst removal surgery? Most health insurance companies don't offer this facility. Although they can contribute to cover some expenses that include doctor fees, ambulance charges, and some other costs, but as a whole, most health insurance companies and Medicare services don't provide the facility of cyst removal surgery.

You need to search for alternative payment sources or have to pay for the surgery out-of-pocket. Insurance companies don't pay for these types of surgeries, and other types of health services, including weight loss procedures, many kinds of plastic surgeries and cosmetic surgery, etc.

Not being able to pay for surgery means living without surgery and in pain for the whole life and in an unhealthy condition too, and this is not definitely an ideal situation. Moreover, if an insurance company pays for the surgery, it may be a small portion of the total expenses, and you will need extra funds to pay for the surgery.

How to Pay for Surgery Costs not covered Under Your Health Cover?

Paying for out-of-pocket expenses or other medical treatments may burn your pocket. Indian people don't have a habit of savings for emergency medical expenses. So, at times when sudden funds are required for some type of medical treatment, people often struggle. Moreover, in a case when you also have exhausted your health insurance and want to pay for your medical treatment, you can consider a medical loan.

Medical Loans in India

Now you can avail a medical loan facility in India. This loan is treated as an advance against your existing medical policy. The amount of a medical loan largely depends on the sum assured in your mediclaim policy and your credit score. GMoney offers you a medical loan to help you pay for your medical bills for any type of treatment.

You are allowed to repay your medical loan in easy EMIs. Thus, GMoney helps you make free from any financial burden while paying for all types of medical bills. You can get yourself treated in the hospital of your choice and settle in no-cost EMI as per your monthly budget.

GMoney Health Cards

GMoney also offers smart digital cards that allow you to pay for your medical bills. With these digital health cards, you can yourself treated in many hospitals across India. GMoney health cards help you pay medical bills on EMI. You can repay your loan amount in equal monthly installments, with no interest, and as per your paying capacity. These cards are easy to access and can be used through the GMoney app available on Google’s Play Store. GMoney even offers a pre-approved credit limit of up to Rs 5 lakhs with these health cards. However, the limit is dependent on your credit and profile score.

GMoney cards are accessible across more than 8700 hospitals all over India, while GMoney is also adding more hospitals to its network. Even if you have a health insurance policy, you should still consider the GMoney Health card, as it helps you pay for out-of-pocket expenses and to pay at hospitals that don't accept cashless treatment. These health cards provide you with the facility of instant quick payment, with no waiting required for disbursals.

You can apply for this digital health card by giving a missed call on 7400 177 177, or just sending a message on WhatsApp number 96156 95156, or click here to apply quickly.

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