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What is the role of education in sustainable development of a country?

Author: Digital Marketing Group
by Digital Marketing Group
Posted: Jun 23, 2022

Ever wondered why education receives so much attention? Why governments and global organisations emphasises on aspects such as quality education, accessibility to education for all, education schemes for the underprivileged communities, gender equality in education, and the like? The answer is, education has the potential to overcome several social problems like poverty, illiteracy, hunger, unemployment, and so on. More importantly, education has the power to bring changes for the better in the most sustainable way. As Nelson Mandela rightly said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Role of education in the progress of individuals and the country

Education is an asset; once acquired, can change the life of the receiver forever. It has a direct impact on the receivers and everything associated with them. Here is how attainment of education for all will welcome sustainable progress for the country which are also in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • UN SDG 4, Quality education: It’s not just about how many received education, it’s about what kind of education they received. Quality education ensures overall development of individuals. It includes academics, art and culture, sports, talent development, personality development, career advancement programmes, and the like. Quality education opens up a world of opportunities for individuals irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds. This is the reason, be it NGO for education or global organisations, they all strive to make quality education accessible.
  • UN SDG 5, Gender Equality: Since education is a fundamental right irrespective of caste, creed or gender, it promotes equality. This equality is important for inclusive progress of the society.
  • UN SDG 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth: Quality education and gender equality enables individuals to get better job opportunities that supports their financial growth too. Better and bigger workforce invariably adds to the economic growth of a country.
  • UN SDG 10, Reduced Inequalities: As more and more individuals get employed, they become self-sufficient and are able to provide for themselves. This collectively facilitates in blurring the lines that arises out of social, cultural, and economic inequalities.
  • UN SDG 1, No Poverty: When the above-mentioned four factors are accomplished, it eventually results in elimination of poverty, the biggest crisis that the world faces today.

Enable accessibility to education

Being a part of the society, it is our duty to support the efforts of the national and global organisations to ensure education for all. We can do our bit at an individual level by supporting NGOs that work in the field of education. For instance, Vidya Chetana is an NGO for education that supports higher education of underprivileged children. This NGO provides financial support in the form of scholarship to meritorious students who are from socio-economically challenging backgrounds, are specially-abled, and those who lost their parents in COVID-19 pandemic. This NGO supports post-school education in PUC (10+2), Degree, Engineering and Medical studies. Vidya Chetana also gives a platform for donors to sponsor a child’s education.

Why and how can you support education?

Ask yourself, for how long can you feed a hungry population, provide shelter to the homeless, or fight for equality? For how long can you fulfil the needs of a dependent population? For how long can you direct resources to serve the needy? It may sound heartless, but there is a limit till which we can support the marginalised population. Hence it is extremely crucial to uplift this section of the society in a sustainable way, and that is only possible by ensuring education for all. Here are some ways to do so:

  • Contribute to an NGO for education like Vidya Chetana.
  • Collaborate with education NGOs as a CSR partner.
  • Conduct fundraising campaigns.
  • Choose to sponsor a child’s education on your special days like birthday, wedding anniversary, festivals, etc.

In conclusion, support education and be the link that facilitates sustainable development of individuals, the country, and the world at large. Take action today!

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Vidya Chetana is an initiative of Youth for Seva to support higher education of socio-economically underprivileged children. Your support will help children wanting to pursue PUC (10+2), Degree, Engineering, and Medical Courses. Your contribution towards Vidya Chetana will help children continue their education as well as qualify you to receive tax exemption on your donated amount (?500 & above).

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