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Dubai Desert Safari: A Checklist Of Must-Have Items

Author: Hasnain Alam
by Hasnain Alam
Posted: Jun 21, 2022
desert safari

The answer to "What to pack?" is highly variable for most places. Depending on the type of place you’re visiting, you must have all the necessary items for maximum convenience. From basic requirements like water and food to less obvious things like sunblock, everything is important, especially if you’re visiting an isolated area, for example, a desert.

Whether you're on a hummer desert safari or a quad bike safari, you may need to make a checklist of must-have things. The list may be long in case you are planning to stay the night in the desert.

Preparing in advance will prevent you from the hassle of arranging things in a rush, or even cutting the tour short because of an uninvited issue. Making a backpack for an adventurous activity like a desert safari can be a bit complicated. But with the right guidance, you will make it through your trip with minimal weight and maximum convenience.

What To Pack For A Desert Safari?

Whether you are traveling on a safari tour for the first time, or you have traveled previously, this checklist will help you ensure that you have everything you can possibly need on a trip like that.

1. Outerwear:

The desert climate is quite contrasting to the city, which means that you may need an extra outfit just in case. We do not recommend over packing though, one shirt and bottom is enough, and that too, for cases when you feel like you are wearing a bit too much.

Keep a lightweight reflective shirt in white color to ensure minimal heat absorption. It is also perfect if you’re on a 4x4 Dubai desert safari, as it will keep you cool and sweat-free during the bumpy ride. Make sure that your sleeves are long and the legs are covered, so you do not get sunburned. If you are planning a night tour, a fleece jacket, socks and sweater may be a good idea as the evening winds can get rough in a Desert.

2. Sunglasses/Sun Visor/Brimmed Hat:

A wide-brimmed hat for protection from the sun is an absolute must for a morning desert safari. It will protect your head from excessive heat, limiting the chances of heat stroke.

The sun in the desert can get quite fierce, so it is best to carry a Shemagh as well. It’s a scarf used predominantly in the Middle East. You can wrap it around your head and neck to secure it from dust storms as well as sun rays.

Do not forget to pack sunglasses that are category 3 tinted. These will provide you with the best eye protection as the shades are dark-tinted. Keep a glass case and a wiping cloth so that they don’t break or get ruined with the dust accumulation.

3. Shoes:

Desert land is not smooth and even, it is characterized by sandy dunes and jagged surfaces. That is why, it is best to wear shoes that provide maximum comfort and cover. Short gaiters are recommended for long walks in a desert area.

Avoid wearing flip-flops or open-toed shoes, as the sand of the desert can be very hot. It might burn your feet if not appropriately covered. Make sure to have an extra pair of socks for evening safaris in case the socks you wear get soaked with sweat.

4. Food And Drinks:

Carrying food is a given. But some people make the mistake of carrying large packets of chips and other calorie-rich foods that do not provide ample energy. It is best to keep energy bars, nuts, and dried fruits as they are rich in healthy fats and energy, and will not take up too much space. Keep plenty of water bottles with you, as it is inevitable to get thirsty in the hot desert climate.

5. Desert Gear:

Your desert gear will keep you away from trouble in the testing temperature and conditions of a desert. This should contain an external or internal frame backpack for carrying the above-mentioned things, a sleeping bag, and a compass.

You can also keep your phone and use GPS tracking to see where you and your tour mates are. A closed-cell foam or inflatable sleeping pad will also be quite helpful if you have a difficult time sleeping on the floor. If possible, keep walking poles with you for support during long and tiring walks across the empty land.

So, are you ready to head to your evening or morning desert safari? Tick off this checklist to keep yourself away from any trouble or emergencies during the trip. If you want to rent a rental quad bike for Dubai desert safari, you can do it through Desert Evening Safari. We also offer other packages and deals for travelers looking for adventure and thrill!

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