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The Ultimate Guide: Google AdWords is a Great Online Marketing Tool

Author: Digital Zoop
by Digital Zoop
Posted: Jun 30, 2022
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These days it’s a plus point to have a bigger digital presence. You need more than a website or social media presence to market your business online. You probably know that Google Ad is the fastest way to boost your sales, thanks to the high buyer intent traffic it drives towards your landing pages.

What is Google Ads?

Google offers paid advertisements that appear on search engine results pages with the use of Google Ads. Google Ads, is an online advertising tool that helps you attract people searching for products, services, or businesses like yours. Google Ads are one of the successful pay-per-click (PPC) advertising systems that can work for almost any type of business. Investing your time and money in an online advertising campaign is a great way to promote your business website online.

There are a lot of marketers and business owners out there who have heard about Google Adwords but aren’t sure if it can work for them or not. You always want to be on top of your customer’s minds after seeing your website. Targeting the right audience in online advertising is crucial for every business owner. Google Ads allows you to take advantage of the benefits of online advertising if you show your ads to the right people, in the right place, and at the right time.

How to set up your Google Ads Campaign?

  • Sign your Google ads account:

First, go to the Google AdWords website and sign up with your Google account. By signing up, Google will automatically take you through the process of creating your first ad campaign.

  • Set your campaign:

The platform offers many places to online advertise through the many Google services. Using a goal relieves your decision-making when you create a campaign in Google Ads. After deciding on your goal, you’ll be shown different types of campaigns that will help you to achieve your objectives. You’ve begun your google ads by setting up your Google Ads campaign.

Campaign Goal:

Every campaign is designed to promote certain types of services or products. These are the available 03 types of campaign goals:

  • Get more calls
  • Get more website sales or signups
  • Get more visits to your physical location

Campaign Type:

Once you choose your campaign type, you can’t change a display campaign to a search campaign. Pay attention and make sure you pick the right campaign type for your google ads.

  1. Search Network Campaigns – Text ads on the SERP
  2. Video Campaigns – Video ads on YouTube
  3. Display Network Campaigns – Product ads on Google
  4. Display Campaigns – Image and Banner ads on websites
  5. App Campaigns – Mobile app-specific ads on many channels

The campaign type you choose can make or break your advertising strategy. You have to choose the right one that most closely represents the results you want to see.

Complete the "describes your business" section by adding your business website and name.

  • Select your Geographic Area:

You have many options when it comes to selecting your user’s locations. If you’re a local business owner, you want to target local area people. If you’re selling your products and services to people throughout the other countries, choose the likewise.

  • Set up Keywords:

The right keywords help attract valuable customers, increase click-through rates and minimize your advertising costs. A keyword match type allows your ad to show on searches that are directly related to the meaning of your keyword. Select the right keyword match type for targeting potential audiences.

Broad match

It is a default match type. Google will show your ad whenever a user’s search query includes any word in your key phrase, in any order.

Phrase match

With phrase match, Google may show your ad whenever a user queries your key phrase using your keywords in the exact order you enter them, but there might be other words either before or after that keyword phrase.

Exact match:

It is the most specific keyword match type. Your ad would only be eligible to show up when a user searched for an exact keyword. Using an exact match can reduce unwanted costs and keep conversion rates high, but you have to do proper keyword research for that.

  • Create an Ad:

This is the highlight section of your google ads. Writing ads can be extremely frustrating because you need to fit all your ad copy into a given character limit. But, you have to write effective Google ads that will bring you higher traffic, higher click-through rates, higher Quality Scores, and higher conversion rates.

In your ad, there are three sections: Headlines, Descriptions, and Destination URL

First thing, You’ll need to write three catchy headlines for each ad, which will appear together at the top of your ad, above your website link

Then, you only have to write two descriptions for each ad to run below your catchy headlines. This is your chance to write an impactive summary of your business.

Choose the relevant destination URL (a landing page) that people reach when they click your ad.

  • Set Your Budget:

Here, you have to decide your daily budget for your ad. You have to choose a daily budget for each of your ad campaigns based on the average amount that you’re willing to spend on your advertising goals. Your average daily budget indicates how much amount you are roughly comfortable spending each day over the month.

Once you start to track the results from your campaign, you can set and edit your ad budget at any time.

  • Set up Conversion tracking:

To set up your ad conversion tracking, Google ads give you the below options:

Website: Track actions on your website

App: Track actions on your app

Phone calls: Track call leads from your ads

Import: Import conversions from the another source

By following these steps, you can set up your google ads campaign.

Why You Should Use Google Ads To Grow Your Business

Google advertising benefits all businesses that rely on online traffic to make sales. With Google Ads, you can attract the right audiences and boost your website traffic. Find out a little more about the main benefits of Google AdWords.

    • Re-marketing
    • Fast Results
    • Budget controls
    • Local Advertising
    • Scaling Profitably
    • Level Competition
    • Measurable Result
    • Better conversions and ROI
    • Increases Brand Awareness

    Are you considering making online ads part of your marketing strategy? Our Google Ads services make it easy to get your ads up and running. We help businesses to promote their brand, products, or services online by using the Google Ads platform. At Digitalzoop, we help countless businesses run profitable Google ads campaigns across multiple verticals.

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