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5 Reasons to Use Paper Bags over Plastic Bags

Author: Olio Penman
by Olio Penman
Posted: Aug 11, 2022
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Why do we have to use paper bags instead of plastic bags? Paper is made up of raw material that is collected by cutting trees. You have to agree with that. People say that choosing between deforestation and environmental contamination won't make any difference. That is what people think of it. Fine, but the fact is that, why choose polluted air when we have microplastics in our daily food choices and water?

People have clarity and understanding of both aspects.

But, I like to give more clarity over using paper bags than plastic bags. Honestly, the practice of cutting trees for paper-making has been disbanded. Not only because manufacturing paper is unstable but also because of synchronizing with the advancement of technology. As technology offers sources; like using wheat straw, sugar manufacturing residues, animal waste, and recycled paper. All these sources are the best sources for making paper-making.

Paper bags are non-toxic, while plastics are toxic

The main point of not suggesting using plastic bags is their toxic nature. The nature of making plastic bags is toxic waste producing fossils, and then; it is getting formed by a lot of processes and finally comes the shape of a hazardous avatar. The plastic bags break into tiny particles which can escape our eyes and enter our bodies or leach ‘Bisphenol A (BPA)’ a well-known carcinogen. Many researchers suggested avoiding using plastic especially, keeping eatables in plastic has to be avoided.

Paper bags won’t choke the oceans

When plastic bags are thrown out, they go into the oceans and put aquatic life in a dangerous situation. According to reports, 5.25 trillion plastics are in the oceans, and the amount of plastic that is in the ocean can leach carcinogenic chemicals that are entered into the bodies of animals that live in the ocean. It is not only harmful to water animals but also contaminates the soil and seeps into groundwater. Finally, the water enters into bodies while cooking food or eating sea foods. These are the facts about plastic and you have to accept the truth.

Paper bags are biodegradable

What do you think of it? After the usage of paper, it will decompose and go back to nature. It is unlike plastic. Plastic dwelled on the earth and sea beds for thousands of years. On the other hand, paper bags biologically degrade and go back to nature fertilizer for trees.

Paper bags are reusable and recyclable

Paper bags are not only decomposing naturally, and they can be recycled and reused. In simple terms, paper bags are recyclable, and you can recycle them as many times as you want to recycle. Whereas paper bags and plastic are processed for recycling, it releases dangerous gasses and it is troublesome for human beings.

These are the main points of why we have to avoid plastic bags and why we do have to use paper bags or Flexible paper packaging?

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In this article we just want to high light that there are alternatives for packaging like Kraft Paper Bags over harmful packaging materials.

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