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How to Manage Cables at the workplace?

Author: Kafton UK
by Kafton UK
Posted: Sep 18, 2022

Cable management and the protection of employees from electrical hazards are of the utmost significance in the workplace. You will be able to increase the safety of cables and people in the office with the help of our guidance.

The worldwide trend toward working from home by 2020 has led a lot of organisations to reevaluate how they use their office space. Co-working facilities are expanding, and remote and hybrid forms of working are becoming increasingly common. As a direct consequence of this, businesses are weighing their options regarding the redesign of their working environments and office spaces. Because of this, the configurations of the desks are being revised with the highest priority placed on health and safety.

When it comes to the organisation of workstations, the safe management of cables must be a priority for every organisation. Buy Cable Ties Online from Kafton UK and keep your desk clean and tidy, you can also place a bulk order for a variety of cable ties and get them delivered to your place within the UK.

Cable management:

Under the Work Health and Safety Act 1974, as well as a number of other requirements, enterprises in the United Kingdom are required to practise appropriate cable management. Both practices of trailing cables, as well as electrical safety, are impacted by this.

Make sure there are no dangling cables or anything else that could cause someone to slip and fall. It is important that all of the electrical components, such as cables, plugs, sockets, and fittings, are durable and protected. In addition to being required by law to implement effective cable management procedures, you should do so since doing so will make a significant reduction in the number of potential dangers. The majority of workplace injuries are brought on by falls, specifically trips and slips.

You will be able to comprehend how to eliminate dangers in a method that is hassle-free, economical, and efficient by following the guidance that we have provided for cable management.

Improving cable management: 1. Run electricity cords from the workstations through the floor beneath them:

By running power cables underneath the floor, you may minimise the amount of cable clutter that is visible from one desk to the next. It is possible to achieve this by the use of outlets as well as floor boxes in an area of your workspace that has elevated or recess floors. In that case, you can be forced to make use of alternative options for cable management.

These cable covers may be trimmed to the desired length, they can endure significant amounts of foot traffic, and their bases are textured to prevent slipping. You can improve the level of protection provided by covers by securing them with heavy-duty double-sided tape.

Another alternative to running cables down the floor is to route them along the walls using conduit tubing that is either split or trunked. Moreover, the use of spiral wrap of cable is also allowed, which is a flexible and user-friendly option for organising wires by wrapping them together. This wrap spirals around the cables to keep them organised.

2. Desk cable management:

Cables that are left dangling over workstations are not only ugly but also present a potential risk of injury if someone were to trip over them. Because studies have shown that tidy workspaces not only make employees happier but also boost their productivity, it makes good business sense to organise wires in an effective manner both on and under desks.

There are many different approaches and tools available to you that you can utilise to accomplish this goal. To get things off on the right foot, we advise beginning with some black cable ties, some expandable braided sleeving, and a cable tidy tube. The trays and boxes used for cable management are also beneficial for concealing unattractive excessively long wires in an organised manner.

Make sure that you get the workspace ready by shutting off any devices that are there and pulling out any cords that you want to organise. After you have completed this step, the next step is to construct a route for the cables to take and figure out where you intend to route them. The process will be simplified if you reduce the number of different paths that your cables take.

Also, take into consideration how you will conceal the wires that are located above the desk. You can use tape and cable clamps, as well as drill holes and install desk cable grommets, to fasten loose cables. Desk cable grommets allow you to route wires through the desk.

Utilize cable management goods that can be reused in the event that you anticipate rearranging the arrangement of your monitors, desks, or other pieces of equipment in the near future. The use of split conduit tubing as well as releasable cable ties in UK, for instance, are both appropriate in this context.

3. Highlight the wires using hazard tape:

In the office, there are occasions when you either can't completely eliminate trailing cords. Both of these situations can be frustrating. When anything like this occurs, you should at the very least make use of floor cable coverings or danger tape.

People can be made aware of potential trip hazards by highlighting warning spots with hazard tape that can also be used to secure wires to the floor. In the event that you need to draw attention to any additional risks that are located on the floor, one can also use the hazard tape with anti-slip qualities, which features an abrasive surface that offers more grip. Buy online Fluorescent Cable Ties to organise as well as highlight the wires for your safety from Kafton UK - the leading supplier of cable ties in the UK.

Final thoughts:

When it comes to organising the wires in the office, there are a lot of different things to think about. When you are setting up the workstations, the foremost concern that you should have is ensuring that everyone's safety is not compromised in any way.

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