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6 tips to lose weight proven!

Author: Cathi Thinsley
by Cathi Thinsley
Posted: Sep 19, 2022
lose weight

To lose weight there are some tips that will facilitate this process, which include eating slowly, drinking more water, and not skipping meals. In addition, it is also advised to avoid weighing yourself every day to check if you have lost weight or gained weight, as this causes anxiety and can interfere with the process.

The ideal is to weigh yourself only once a week, always at the same time and preferably on the same scale. Likewise, it should be taken into account, in the case of women, if they are during their menstrual period, because during this week it is normal to be a little more swollen, which can be reflected in the scale.

For this reason, making some lifestyle changes can be very effective in promoting weight loss, between 500 g to 1 kilo per week, depending on the initial weight and other associated factors.

Some tips that will help you lose weight and that you should adopt in your fat loss process are:

1. Eat slowly and savor the food

Eating slowly allows when the stomach is almost full, it sends a signal to the brain indicating that it has already received enough food and that it no longer needs to continue eating. However, in people who have the habit of eating fast, their brain does not perceive this satiety signal, causing the person to eat in larger quantities, in addition to this, it also reduces the time in contact with food and the pleasure of taking better advantage of it.

Satisfying the stomach with foods rich in nutrients and fibers such as vegetables, fruits, white meats, and good fats, makes the metabolism work better and increases the feeling of satiety for longer.

2. Drink more water throughout the day

You should drink plenty of fluids between meals, as this will help reduce hunger and eliminate excess fluids retained in the body, because the more water you drink, the more urine the body produces, and with its elimination, toxins are also released that harm the body. weight loss process.

  • What you can drink: water, sparkling water, coconut water, and unsweetened teas, such as green, black, ginger, and hibiscus teas;

The amount of water that should be ingested per day varies between 1.5 to 3 L per day. If you have any difficulty drinking water, it is possible to prepare flavored waters, such as lemon or orange water, for example, so that it is easier to achieve the goal during the day. Know some teas to lose weight.

3. Do physical activity

The type of exercise is not the most important thing, but it is important to take advantage of all the opportunities to burn calories whenever possible, practicing a physical activity at least 3 times a week, such as:

  • Take the stairs instead of using the elevator;

  • Getting off a bus or subway stop before work or school and walking the rest of the way;

  • Go for a brisk walk or take the dog for a walk before or after work. See a workout routine to lose weight walking.

  • Play a sport such as swimming, soccer, tennis, karate, baseball, or basketball;

  • Go to the gym and do aerobic exercises such as Zumba, treadmill, and spinning, among others.

Ideally, any of the physical activities should be practiced between 30 to 60 minutes, at least 3 times a week.

4. Eat everything, but in moderation

The body needs all the macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) to function properly. For this reason, carrying out very restrictive diets increases the risk of suffering a rebound effect and causing other undesirable effects, and it is important to go to a nutritionist to carry out an evaluation and indicate a nutritional plan adapted to the needs of the person.

However, some tips that you can take into account to promote weight loss are:

  • Prefer milk and its skimmed derivatives or vegetable drinks, such as coconut milk, hazelnuts, almonds, or oats, example;

  • Add 1 tablespoon of seeds (flaxseed, chia, and sesame) in natural juices, salads, breakfast cereals, or yogurts;

  • Eat a handful of nuts in one of the snacks, such as peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, or hazelnuts;

  • Choose a single source of carbohydrate per meal, giving preference to whole foods and legumes, such as rice, whole wheat bread, pasta, lentils, beans, chickpeas, potatoes with skin, and sweet potatoes;

  • Eat a raw salad before lunch and dinner;

  • Eat 5 servings between fruits and vegetables per day;

  • Avoid the consumption of simple sugars or foods that contain them, such as filled cookies and cakes;

Learn more about a diet to lose weight and lose your belly.

5. Don't skip meals

Not skipping meals and eating every 3 hours (approximately) promotes weight loss, as it helps maintain satiety throughout the day. Some tips to avoid skipping meals are:

  • Place reminders on the cell phone or on the agenda every 3 hours, so as not to forget that it is time to eat;

  • Always have some healthy snacks in your purse or backpack for an afternoon snack, such as fruit, a whole-grain cream cracker cookie, or a handful of nuts, as these foods are practical to eat on the street;

  • Some healthy snacks that can be consumed are whole fruits, natural yogurts, carrot sticks, celery or cucumber spread with mashed avocado and seasoned with salt and pepper, whole wheat toast with cheese, tomato and oregano with a pinch of salt and olive oil. baked olive, a boiled egg, or a handful of nuts.

Check out the video below for other tips that can help increase satiety and decrease hunger:

6. Write down everything you eat

It is recommended that the record be made every day and after each meal, as it is easier to remember what was consumed. In the food diary it is important to indicate whether it is breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner, the time of the meal, the food consumed, and the quantity. In addition, the place where the meal was made, whether he had company or not, and how he felt at that time must be recorded.

This record should be made over 3 to 7 days since in this way it will be possible to have a better idea of??what the eating habits are.

After registration, it is important to analyze all the food choices together with the nutritionist, since in this way it is possible to identify errors and establish strategies to achieve the desired objective. In addition, the nutritionist will indicate the best foods so that the person does not have nutritional deficiencies and achieves healthy weight loss.

Learn more tips in the following video that can also help you lose weight and lose belly:

What to do if you can't lose weight

If you have tried several times to lose weight and have not succeeded on your own, the ideal is to consult a nutritionist to evaluate eating habits and other parameters, preparing an individualized nutritional plan to achieve the proposed objective.

In case, you have already consulted a nutritionist, then the ideal would be to go to a general practitioner to carry out an evaluation and indicate some tests to investigate if there are problems at the level of the thyroid gland or the ovaries, since diseases such as Hypothyroidism or polycystic ovary syndrome can cause weight gain.

How much do you know about healthy eating? Find out!

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