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Is Vertical Gardening a Challenging Endeavour for Commercial Buildings?

Author: Vista Concepts
by Vista Concepts
Posted: Sep 29, 2022

Vertical gardening has now started to become increasingly popular and can be seen in a lot of commercial establishments. However, even though it is more convenient and less cumbersome in comparison to conventional gardening, it is not devoid of its share of challenges.

To see that lush green vertical garden that is really soothing to the eye, you will have to contend with certain problems from time to time and solve them successfully. Below, we have discussed certain issues that do make vertical gardening a challenging endeavour for commercial buildings:

Regular Maintenance

Vertical gardens demand regular maintenance. Because they are not firmly rooted to the ground, they can get toppled by strong winds. To keep yours in good shape, you may have to use more fertiliser vis-à-vis a normal garden. Since vertical gardens are totally shielded from rain, more watering may be needed and as they are assigned limited space, the leaves and foliage need to be pruned more frequently.

Plant Size

It will not be wrong to say that vertical gardening and large plants are incompatible to a certain extent. Larger plants will definitely start posing problems as they grow bigger and faster. Or else they may wither and eventually perish because of stifled root growth.


Vertical gardening demands sizeable investment as well and you may have to bear a plum cost upfront as you decide to buy realistic artificial vertical garden wall plants in Australia from a vertical garden supplier.


The plants constituting a vertical garden stand the risk of drying up faster. While no exposure to rain that we have already talked about is one of the causes, no extra soil, which is a natural phenomenon in traditional gardening, robs an artificial garden of an additional supply of water.

The above problem though has a cure. By adjusting light levels or increasing the humidity, indoor plants least can be saved from drying quickly.

Long Wait

Limited supply of sunlight and water means you will have to wait longer for seeds and small saplings to grow into a full-size plant. And what’s worse, full growth is not guaranteed.

The solution here lies in going for a modular system that will probably have an in-built irrigation system as well. And you need to select the right plants as well as per the local climate. For assistance, you can turn to trusted suppliers of vertical gardening and green wall systems in Australia.

Rampant growth

If you do not choose the correct plants, they will probably start outgrowing the size of their containers and soon die because of lack of nutrients.

You basically have to order plants that can endure extreme weather conditions. And to inhibit rampant growth, you need to create the right environment by using the right planter box, soil, fertiliser etc.

Outdoor vertical gardens are meant to act as a façade or a focal point. But uninhibited growth can make them look hideous. So why not choose plants that grow in a restrained manner in the first place?


We have already talked about cost before. If your budget does not allow, you may not be able to install that vertical garden that your mind would have visualised. But instead of losing heart, you can transform PET bottles into plant boxers by recycling them and make arrangements for watering through a simple drip irrigation system.


So, you see that vertical gardening too comes with its share of challenges. And if you follow the remedies that we have shared above, it perhaps won't be that challenging an endeavor. And talking of vertical gardens, you will obviously start looking for a trusted and renowned vertical garden supplier when you need one. Vista Concepts that have long been dealing in green wall and vertical gardening system in Australia is one name you can count on. No matter which town or city you are based in Australia, you can place an order and your shipment will arrive at your doorstep. Because we are an established name when it comes to green wall systems in Australia and have tended to the needs of innumerable clients, we can even help you with installation.

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