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3 Compelling Reasons Not to Avoid Travel Cover

Author: Lisa Jeeves
by Lisa Jeeves
Posted: Dec 16, 2014

In all the excitement of booking a holiday, no matter where it might be based, it can be easy to leave booking your travel cover until 'later'. Unfortunately, this makes it more likely that you’ll end up without any at all – it could get forgotten or you might simply decide not to take any out.

Here are some convincing reasons why you shouldn’t avoid getting it.

Without it you’ll be liable for costs if you need medical care

No one likes to think they would ever need medical assistance in another country. For the most part, it isn’t likely to happen, but you never know – and that’s the point. If you were on the holiday of a lifetime in America and you fell ill – maybe even needing to be repatriated back home – the bill would run into many thousands of pounds. That’s not the kind of bill you could handle without some kind of financial stress.

You’d be on your own if your luggage went missing

What would you do if you discovered your luggage hadn’t arrived at your destination with you? Without travel cover you’d have to deal with it on your own. If you had valuables stored in there they’d be gone – possibly forever. If you didn't have insurance to cover the value of what you had lost, you would have to fork out to buy those items all over again again if they weren’t found. Saving money by not getting insured could turn out to be a false saving.

Need to cancel your trip? Travel cover can cover the cost

No one wants to be in a position where they have to cancel their holiday plans. Fortunately for most people it won’t happen, but if it does it would be good to know you could claim back the costs. Not all instances of cancellations are covered, of course, but the most important ones are. For example, if someone close to you was taken seriously ill you would have to cancel your plans, but if you were insured the cover should make provision for this. A word of warning, though: do check the conditions of the policy you are considering to ensure you are able to get the appropriate cover for these kinds of eventualities.

It’s easy enough to think you’ll be fine without travel cover, and in most cases you'll probably get away without using it – but (and it is a sizeable but) you are taking a big risk by not having it in place. That’s why you should see it as a vital investment rather than trying to save a few pennies by not getting it. You could just be the one who needs it next.

Patrick Chong is the Managing Director of Insuremore. We provide low priced travel cover with a range of policies including single-trip, multi-trip and family insurance. For all your travel insurance needs, Insuremore can help you in the quickest and most cost-efficient way.

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