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Implementing LCR as a Service While Considering Call Quality

Author: Aaroni Leon
by Aaroni Leon
Posted: Dec 17, 2014

Least cost routing is all about making good quality calls at low prices. Every day, we make telephone calls to different destinations. In business, these calls can be hundreds, sometimes thousands, on a daily basis. All you do is take the phone and dial the number of the recipient. After you communicate, you simply hang up and make another call. You hardly think about the process…how are you able to communicate when you are thousands of mile away or the service provider. At the end of the month, the telephone bill comes with details concerning the call destinations and charges. This is the time you start thinking, how did the service provider determine these rates?

Least cost routing offers you the opportunity to stop wondering how much money you are really spending on inbound and outbound calls. To understand this, you need to know how the system works:

Dial plan

In this case, the Software Company routes the calls in two ways; one for domestic calls while the other for international calls. This system is easy and the most preferred for small companies or individuals who handle a number of routes.

Stand alone

As the name suggests, the LCR system has one purpose, to calculate the routes of the calls quickly. The system will run on a hardware that is dedicated to achieve this objective. This is the best system for a company that handles thousands of calls a day. While the system can be a little pricier than the others, the savings are worth the price. The stand alone system needs a license to implement. Monitoring of the routes can be decentralized because of the volume of the calls.

Billing system

LCR system that considers the billing system allows you to monitor the routes in a centralized location. Additionally, call quality as well as the cost is determined

As soon as you choose LCR as a service, the company will ensure that call quality is achieved. The quality of the call is measured in three ways:

Answer Seize Ratio, ASR: When you are making a phone call but it cannot go through because the quality is low or there is congestion, the ASR is said to be low.

Post Dial Delay, PDD: When you hit the last number so as to connect with the person you are calling, there is always a three second pause before he or she picks up. This is known as PDD. A Software company will ensure that this delay is minimized for call quality purposes. If the connection time is more than three seconds, the company will consider this as no connection.

Average Call duration, ACD: When this is low, the call quality is poor so that there is nothing that you can do but hang up. This is especially important when making prepaid calls. A low ACD makes calls very expensive because you cannot communicate and you are still being charged.

Understanding how LCR as a service is implemented will assist you in choosing the right system based on your needs and budget. This ultimately allows you to be more efficient and competitive.

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