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How Will Odoo Data Migration Benefits Your Business?

Author: Webkul Software
by Webkul Software
Posted: Oct 23, 2022

Upgradation is the road to success! You can learn that from Odoo, which continuously improves the software and presents a new version each year. And with each advanced version, performance is more stable, fast, secure, and reliable. Overall, Odoo is a management software that introduces a better software version each year. Updating your Odoo version to the latest one helps you get many new features, hence do not forget to do so.

However, to migrate your data to the Odoo platform so you can use Odoo's advanced features without hampering your performance, you need professional help from a team of knowledgeable designers, consultants, and engineers. And who will be better than Webkul (skilled and proficient team). Further, Webkul has delivered more than 600 Odoo modules to help its clients.

What is Odoo Data Migration?

Data migration practice enables you to transfer data from one system to another or one medium to another. Odoo data migration or odoo migration is the process of transferring data from the local system or odoo.

Moreover, migration can be between two versions too, which means if you update your Odoo 15 to Odoo 16, it is also a form of migration.

Types of Odoo Data Migration

Depending on your need, you have to select between the two odoo migration services, namely

  1. Static Migration

  2. Dynamic Migration

    1. Static Migration

As the name suggests, this method directly moves the static data. Static data is the one that doesn’t depend upon any other data. Some example of such data is customers, attributes, categories, etc.

2. Dynamic Migration

Just like static data, dynamic data also moves the static data on migration. However, the main difference is that it migrates dynamic and static data. Examples of such data are invoices, bills, accounting, inventory, etc.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Data Migration to Odoo

Before starting any migration you need to keep some points in mind. These points will help you avoid any headaches in the future.

1. Safety Precautions

For the safety of customers' business data and GDPR guidelines, Webkul does not store any of its client’s data on its servers. All the data is stored on the client’s servers or their hosted platform.

2. Customization

They also ask you and check whether you have any customization in your Odoo (if, already using Odoo). If there is, they have to check and see how to make them compatible with the version and find the best possible solution.

3. Your Odoo Version

Your Odoo version matters a lot for migration. An older Odoo version means it will require more updates. Suppose you are using Odoo 13 and want to migrate to odoo 16, then it needs to be modified because there are various functionalities earlier that you might have bought from Odoo partners (such as Webkul) but are now part of the default Odoo.

4. Current Database Size

The size of the database also matters a lot. The larger the database, the more time and effort it will require to migrate. Each file and data needs to be migrated from the older version to the new one.

5. Data Backup

Before starting the migration of your Odoo, they make a backup of all your data and then begin the migration so all your data is secure and you can refer to or use it after migration.

How does Webkul Help you in Data Migration?

Webkul provides numerous Odoo development services and Odoo modules to help clients spread globally. They are serving technology solutions that are effective, quick, and comfortable. Webkul has been working with Odoo for the past ten years (from the time when it was known as OpenERP). Further, they provide installation, customization, consultancy, and development services.

Their dedicated team of Odoo professionals has provided services to 1500 clients spread around 150 countries globally. Moreover, they also offer more than 600 Odoo modules to fulfill multiple company demands.

Consistency is the key, and Webkul is continuously and consistently providing support to their customer and maintained a position among the top 3 firms that provide Odoo development services. In addition, Webkul became an Odoo Ready Partner recently. And their dedication and hard work have provided their customers with top-class services.

Their Odoo development services are fantastic. And they are experienced experts who understand clients’ requirements and respect their clients!

Webkul Odoo Modules

Webkul Has modules for all your business needs, whether you run a marketplace, point of sale, CRM, eCommerce, Product Management, Stock Management, sales promotion, CIM, Themes, etc.

In each category, Webkul has various Odoo Apps extension that helps you ease your business operations. And if you are still not convinced, you get an Odoo app customized according to your need.


Odoo is one of the finest platforms that offer numerous solutions for different business needs. Their solution includes eCommerce, Point of Sale, Accounting, Manufacturing, Project Management, Human Resource Management, CRM, ERP, and many more.

Further, Webkul is an Odoo modules development company that offers its service to clients. They are a proficient Odoo development firm to discuss your business needs, and they will analyze your requirement and prepare a roadmap to achieve that business objective. They will help you build a strong foundation for your company or raise the bar for success.

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Webkul was founded in the year 2010 and for 11 years we are serving continuously in the eCommerce market. We have contributed our efforts in making extensions of various open-source eCommerce platforms. Also, we are among one of the few 100% Self-Boo

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