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Do You Need The Training To Become A Bodyguard?

Author: Personal Protection
by Personal Protection
Posted: Nov 24, 2022

Have you been looking for a new career path and wanted to find out how to become a close protection officer? If yes, then we are here to help! However, before we get into the details of becoming a professional bodyguard, we want to clarify one thing. There is no one way to become a professional bodyguard or have a successful career. Everyone takes different paths to success, so you should relax if you plan to start out anytime soon.

Role Of A Professional Bodyguard

As a professional bodyguard, one of your primary responsibilities is to ensure your client's safety while in your care. That is the part that most people know about being a bodyguard. However, many other hopefuls don't understand the first thing about making that happen.

The role of a bodyguard is more than standing beside their client, looking menacing. Most of you will be doing travel management, risk assessment, security checks, creating risk profiles, and pre-searches as professional bodyguards. And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

If you are not interested in networking, training constantly, and improving your current skill set, we suggest you skip becoming a professional bodyguard. Some people are just not suited for the role!

How To Become A Professional Bodyguard?

Now, let's talk more about how to be a bodyguard. Like everything else, becoming a bodyguard also starts with research. So, what should you need to do if you wish to have a successful career as a bodyguard?

Do Some Research

Before finalizing any life or career-changing decisions, you should research your potential profession. It means finding all the essential requirements, challenges, benefits, and salary expectations to work in that field.

Ensure You Have The Right Skills

Working as a professional bodyguard and in the executive protection industry, in general, is a highly challenging and specific job. You will be faced with situations that most professionals will never come across. Both hard skills and soft skills are essential to become a successful bodyguard.

A lot of individuals believe that it's all about hard skills. They think you are only as good as your ability to fight or your shooting score, which is not even close to reality.

In the executive protection industry, it is all about your soft skills. Can you research, think outside the box, observe threats, and create risk profiles? These are skills that help you have a successful career in the field.

With that said, we are not trying to downplay hard skills. Hard skills like firearm retention, driving, and hand-to-hand combat are also critical to help you safeguard your clients. A professional bodyguard school can help you develop such skills.

Get Trained

You don't necessarily need any law enforcement or military background to work as a professional bodyguard. Personal protection schools will help you get the necessary qualifications to be successful in the field. You also don't need to join a course, but it will help you quickly land better-paying jobs.

If you are genuinely committed to making it work and putting in the effort, there is no way you will not make it. All you have to do is keep at it, and you will be a renowned name in no time.

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