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Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Fleet Management ERP Software

Author: The Byte Guy
by The Byte Guy
Posted: Nov 21, 2022

After you have got a small business website to show your online brand and generate leads, managing the operations of the transport business is the next big problem.

Fleet management is perhaps one of the most complex tasks in any industry. Getting a website to generate leads solves your major sales problem but you still need to manage your operations to run a successful business.

Fleet management is perhaps one of the most complex tasks in any industry. Whether one runs a car rental agency or an international logistics solutions company, the variables that determine whether a company will succeed or go belly-up are quite difficult to manage if one does not keep a close watch on operations on a real-time basis. In addition, despite being the same industry, i.e. fleet management, the characteristics that define each enterprise are specific to it alone and no other company, no matter how similar in nature of business, will have to take care of the same factors on an everyday basis.

This is why buying a fleet management software is so difficult. The owners or the managers usually have to go through innumerable features that are either redundant or not required. In this article, we look at a few key factors that one has to keep in mind to find and shortlist the right software for his or her company.

Business Type:

The type of business is the key determinant of choosing the right ERP fleet software. Some ERP products are meant for small businesses and some for larger operations. In addition, multinational corporations are better off hiring an ERP software development company to make them a custom product rather than buying something off the shelf or customising a generic solution. To understand this, assume you run a rental service offering self-drive cars for both outstation and in-city travel. If you operate out of a specific city or a group of cities, your requirements will be different from someone who runs a chauffeur driven car rental service. You will need to track more details automatically rather than being able to rely on the driver to do it for you. While the latter can opt for a chauffer drive software solution, you need a self drive ERP software.

A good idea is to list down your operational problems and see how the software can take care of them. If the software can meet your challenges and provide some additional benefits, then you are on the right track.

Customisable, Adaptable, Scale-able

The solution should be fully customisable to your needs. Say the software provides a driver interface to help the drivers check their daily targets and you run a self-drive taxi service, then you ought to have the option to turn it off. Now, if you start employing your own drivers for say airport transfers in the future, then you should have the option to turn this driver interface feature back on for that specific service you have started to offer. Such customisation options mean you can save millions in future software development costs and still be able to grow your businesses without too much worry.

In addition, having a software that can grow with your business is an added plus. From saving on migration costs to avoid any data loss, the plus points are considerable. A scale-able solution also brings added advantages of not having a need for extra training and losing out on work days.

Mobile Access

This is a key element of any ERP software today. Everyone in your business from you to the drivers, from the customer service personnel to the clients need to be able to see their information when it is needed, rather than having to sit down at a designated desktop or having to access a website. Mobile-enabled ERP software is the key element to any successful venture today, more so if you are running a business that is so mobile (pun unintended).

A mobile app that comes built-in or as an add-on with your software is not only user-friendly but is also a sensible business choice. Providing an app to manage their interactions with the company is rewarding for your clients as well as your employees. For yourself, imagine being able to take care of all invoicing, billing, accounting, etc. right from your mobile. Sensible decision - to say the least.

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