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4 Homemade Remedies For Cleaning Blockout Roller Blinds

Author: Bill Morris
by Bill Morris
Posted: Dec 05, 2022
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The blockout roller blinds are made of opaque fabric housed in the cassette. They are very efficient as it helps to control the flow of light in the room. They also help to provide privacy. So, they are more efficient than curtains because curtains up to some extent are not able to stop sunlight in the room.

The blockout roller blinds are also known as dim-out blinds as they ensure a hundred percent blockout. They will reach the level of your room to provide dimness. So, Captain Curtain Cleaning Brisbane are mainly for the schools or photogenic labs.

They play a significant role in controlling the flow of light in the room. However, the blockout roller blinds are prone to a lot of dust, dirt, and bacteria. They absorb dust particles from the surroundings. The greasy and dirty blockout roller blinds will result in the outbreak of mold. The molds are very harmful to your health. They cause skin problems and dirty musty smells. The molds cause sore throats and irritability in the eyes. So, treat them immediately to prevent diseases.

The four homemade remedies to clean your blockout roller blinds are:

  1. Vacuum clean Regularly to remove dust:

The vacuum cleaner attached with a soft brush is the best way to clean your blockout roller blinds. The vacuum cleaners are easily available in our house. It sucks out the dust and dirt particles settled in the blinds. So, regular vacuum cleaning helps to keep your blockout roller blinds fresh and dust-free.

2. Use of baking soda for the Removal of stains:

The stains affect the appearance of your blinds. The blind filled with stains is unpleasant to look at. The greasy and grime stains can cause mold. So, you can remove stains from your blockout roller blinds by using baking soda or vinegar. The two spoons of baking soda in one-fourth cup of water will help you to get rid of stains.

3. Detergent Washing your blockout roller blinds to remove dirt:

Washing your blockout roller blinds in the bathtub helps you to remove stains, dirt, and dust in the blinds. So, the water mixed with good detergent will clean your blinds efficiently.

4. A mixture of Lemon, baking soda & vinegar for mold removal:

Treating the molds immediately is important. The molds grow in the damp and dirty areas. If you do not take the correct action immediately it will result in hazardous diseases. So, you can remove molds with lemon juice, baking soda, or vinegar mixed in water. After cleaning your blockout roller blinds in the solution, place it in the sunlight.


You need to clean your blockout roller blinds from time to time. Immediate action should be taken in case of mold. The blockout roller blinds are very beneficial as it guarantees a hundred percent blockout. However, the Blockout Roller Blinds should be maintained to increase their lifespan and efficient working. You can check our blog Tips To Make Your Curtains Look Brand New!

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